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  • Clare Tebbett

Weaving Soul Into Your Customer Experience

As an entrepreneur who leads with your soul, you’re building a legacy that is closely connected to your heart. And as gorgeous as this is, it does add another layer to entrepreneurship that goes beyond the traditional business metrics and capitalistic ideals of many others in business. It also means that you’re doing business in a way that connects your soul personally to your customers and clients.

This can be amazingly fulfilling - and vulnerable - in so many ways, yet it can be difficult to express something that is felt deep in our souls - and even more difficult to extend that expression through to the experiences our clients and customers have with us and our business.

So, to help you with this, here are six areas of opportunity to weave your soul mission into the customer experience journey so when people work with you and your business, they’re feeling a bit of your soul come through.

Customer experience is all about putting your customer first.

Weaving soul into your customer experience SOULACY Magazine

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6 areas of opportunity to weave your soul into your customer experience journey:

1. Ensure you have a soulful mission statement that is customer-focussed.

Once you have a mission statement that you’re excited about, use it as a guide for everything you do in business and SHARE IT EVERYWHERE. It’s not something to be written and then reviewed once a year. In order to weave your soul into your business and express that through to your customers and clients, you need to create a mission statement. A mission statement shares your values, business ethos, and your heart. Once you have your soul-led mission statement written out, weave it into everything you do in your business and every step of your customer experience.

2. For most of us our websites are our shop windows and our shops, so this is a great opportunity to display and share the soul of your business.

Consider what the user experience is like on your website. Can they easily find the information they’re after? Does it resonate with them? Is it easy to navigate to the right area/page? Is it easy to make a booking/purchase? Ask some people to test the site for you and get feedback and make any necessary changes Don’t forget to test both the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

3. Communications.

How do you communicate with potential and current customers and clients and do you have the soul of your business woven throughout?

Questions to consider:

  • How often are you communicating with them?

  • Are the communications helpful to them?

  • Are they timely?

  • Are they personalised?

  • Do they have any added value?

  • Are there any nice surprises in there?

  • Anything to give them joy?

  • Any requests for feedback?

  • Think about how you personally interact with people in your daily life. Are you extending that personality, compassion, and authenticity to your customers?

  • Is there a person or company that you think communicates really well? What are they doing that has caught your attention and you really enjoy? Can you add some of that to your communications?

4. Delivery

Beyond delivering on time as promised, consider how your product or service is being delivered. What’s the packaging like? Are there any little surprises in there/any ‘wow’ gifts? Anything that gives your clients and customers a bit of joy and something that makes them connect more with you and your business?

5. Product/Service

Giving your clients and customers more than they expected, and in a way that clearly, and perhaps subtly, shares your mission and vision, is an excellent way to weave your soul into the customer experience. And, happy, surprised, and satisfied clients and customers often share that joy with others, so your mission reaches even more people.

6. Feedback

The best thing you can ever do is to ask your customers and employees for feedback. It makes your customers, clients, and team feel valued and heard. Plus, feedback is just so valuable. So, make providing feedback easy for them. And then pay attention to any common themes/threads to the feedback you receive and take action on any changes and improvements you can make to better communicate your mission and express your soul throughout the customer experience.

Ask customers and those that didn’t quite become customers too – those that got in touch but didn’t go ahead and buy/hire you. What stopped them from making a purchase/hiring you? This keeps you top of mind, shows you care, and gives them a glimpse of what it would be like to work with or buy from you.

Weaving soul into your customer experience

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Having a good product or service is fundamental for any business to have a chance of success. But, weaving your soul into every aspect of your business - that’s where the real magic happens.

Written by Clare Tebbett from April/May 2021 · Issue 2


Article originally published in the pages of SOULACY

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