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Deep Bonds and Transformative Connections: The Essence of Soul Sisters

Deep Bonds and Transformative Connections: The Essence of Soul Sisters by Judith Richey for SOULACY Magazine

When I was growing up, I didn’t learn about the importance of friendships with women. It wasn’t until I was in my forties and had gone through a most gut-wrenching divorce and all the aftermath that I realized that I needed something—someone—to connect to. 

I started paying attention to how women connected with each other. 

After years of learning how to have friendships, I realized there was a completely different level of connection. 

And I was blessed enough to have one, then two, then more of these friendships at that deep level. 

These women were my soul sisters. 

I wish for you, dear reader, that you will have them in your life, too.

Soul sisters. It might be that instant connection, that instant knowing that you belong to each other. Other times, there’s a slow growth in the relationship, then one day, you realize that this person knows you, heart and soul. 

However it happens, there’s a magic that happens when soul-centered spiritual women come together, a palpable synergy. It’s the magic of the soul-sister connection. 

Not every soul-centered spiritual woman you meet will become a soul sister.

There’s a depth—a connection, an understanding, that creates a bond beyond everyday surface-level interactions you’d have with acquaintances or friends when you find a soul sister. 

What makes these soul-sister relationships so unique? I surveyed women of all ages and asked them about their soul-sister relationships.  Let’s explore what they shared. 

Deep Connection and Understanding

Soul sisters share a knowing. They can sense when something is amiss in their sister’s life. Words are not necessary. There is an energetic language shared. An unspoken intimacy. 

“She knows me so well because our reactions are the same. Like a ‘disturbance in the force’ when something is off, or something isn’t right.”

”We message each other at the exact times when the other needs encouragement or a little extra support.”

Support and Encouragement

Soul sisters cheer you on, even when you may have given up on yourself or are doubting your decisions. They believe in you when you don’t know how to believe in yourself. 

“My soul sisters are my ride or die. They would do anything for me, and vice versa.” 

“Because of my soul sister, I made it through this summer. We both have very full family schedules and rely on each other to help get our kids to and from all the activities. She helped make it possible for me to teach classes, and I knew my kids were cared for and safe. We couldn’t have done it without each other’s help.”

Soul sisters don't keep track of your flaws. They highlight your strengths and remind you of your awesomeness when feeling down on yourself.

Encouragement and support come in allowing that rawness and vulnerability when needed. Soul sisters allow the free expression of pain and a space of complete acceptance and love. There is unwavering support. And always an offer to pull each other back up. 

Honesty and Vulnerability

Whether it’s being pissed off, depleted, or needing to confess with no judgment, soul sisters allow a sharing of the total truth about what is going on in their lives. There’s a transparency that no other relationship offers. A freedom of true self-expression.

And because there is this safety, there’s never any second-guessing, holding back, or checking to make sure what is being shared can be said. There is an unspoken level of honesty that comes with a deeper level of intimacy. 

Mutual Growth

The more your relationship with your soul sister grows, the more it’s like listening to your own intuition being spoken out loud through their words. 

Because your soul sisters walk with you through heart-wrenching occasions of life, they can step in and be a “true north” for you when you may have lost your way. To help you stay connected when you feel alone and lost. 

In life’s joyous times, soul sisters are there to celebrate you and your accomplishments. They are your biggest cheerleaders. They appreciate you even more than family might because they know what you’ve been through. 

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Your soul sisters don’t keep track of your flaws. They know they have them too! 

Instead, they highlight your strengths and remind you of your awesomeness when feeling down on yourself. 

That unconditional love “helps me stay balanced and grow in positive ways.”

Shared Values and Beliefs

“When I needed to go deep into soul integration work recently, I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I reached out to a select group who gathered (etherically) to hold the space for me to do the integrative work. It was powerful and palpable.”

Soul sisters walk alongside you with a profound intimacy not found in ordinary friendships. 

“We've connected on deeper truths beyond the ‘norms’ of our relationship.” 

Empowerment to Pursue Goals

Having someone who believes in you—sometimes more than you believe in yourself—is a huge motivator and a great source of strength when facing challenges.

When life is feeling sludgy, soul sisters offer you the space to lean in so it doesn’t feel so hard. 

“Because we co-create and collaborate, doing hard things doesn’t seem so scary as doing something alone.”

The Enduring Impact

When the bond you’ve created with your soul sister lasts throughout the years, they become an integral part of your life. There’s a sharing of personal and family memories. They remind you of your strengths, tenacity, and resilience. 

Prayer, laughter, challenge, comfort, wise counsel, support, and the space to be fully authentic are all part of that true soul-sister connection. 

And love. Regardless of distance or the circumstances, there’s always the love.

In soul-sister relationships, there is a space for hearts to intertwine and spirits to unite. Authenticity and empathy evolve, forming a bond of trust and shared growth. 

Through the beauty of connection, you’ll find strength in vulnerability, empowerment in unity, and a sanctuary where your individual journeys meld into a shared experience of support and love. In the presence of soul sisters, you’ll uncover the meaningful potential of growing together and the limitless ability of hearts to mend, motivate, and thrive side by side.

Journaling exercise:

Use these prompts to journal about your experience with your soul sisters.


  • This is how I define a soul sister and what makes this type of friendship unique…

  • Having a soul sister has positively impacted my emotional well-being and personal growth by…

  • These are examples of how my soul sister(s) have supported and empowered me through shared experiences and challenges…

  • The bond with my soul sister motivates me to pursue my goals and aspirations by…

  • These are the ways communication and understanding between my soul sister and me differ from my other relationships…

  • These are the qualities I consider essential for someone to be considered a soul sister…

  • Looking back over time, there are the valuable life lessons I have learned from this connection…

One last thing…You may consider writing a letter to your soul sister and telling her how precious she is to you. Think of how you would feel if you received that sort of love from someone. 

May you find, develop, and keep relationships with your soul sister(s). Blessings to you!


TLDR: This article explores the profound connection and unique bond between soul sisters, highlighting the depth, understanding, support, and mutual growth that define these relationships.


Judith Richey, A Force For Transformation, offers spiritual healing and guidance to women entrepreneurs seeking profound transformation and progress beyond the work they have done in personal development and mindset shifts. Her unique and unconventional approach harnesses the power of energy healing and nontraditional techniques to help her clients become the best versions of themselves and find fulfillment and abundance in all areas of their life.



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