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Integrating Your Soul's Purpose into Your Business for True Alignment and Success

Integrating Your Soul's Purpose into Your Business for True Alignment and Success by Anne-Louise Harbutt for SOULACY Magazine

Many of us have built our businesses around purpose. We become so deeply connected to this purpose that we start to make it part of our identity. But, our soul purpose isn’t always the purpose we created our business upon. Our soul purpose can be, and often is, different than we think and isn’t the thing that’s keeping our business together. 

So, let’s take a step back and uncover what our soul purpose just might be. And then we’ll see how we can bring that true purpose into our business. 

Questions for thought: What is your purpose in life? What is the mission that lights you up from the inside out?

That feeling inside you that transcends self doubt and your own uncertainty because your mission isn’t about you. It’s the impact you are here to have on the world and the difference you make to others. 

But how do you find out what your purpose is? 

Start by asking: Is there something I do in my life or business that feels so natural to me it comes with such ease that I don’t have to think about ‘how’ to do it?

Then get curious: What am I doing when I lose time and it doesn't matter how many hours I spend on it, I feel more and more recharged.

And then ask: What do friends and family come to me for advice and guidance on, because they know I’ll just know?

This is your purpose. 

Part of my soul’s purpose is to intuitively channel in guidance from the Universe.  To receive messages and guidance from beyond human consciousness.I find it easy. The guidance just drops in. I don’t have to think about it or work it out. If I find I’m having a low energy day, I can recharge myself by jumping into my community, connecting with the higher realms and channelling guidance.

Let your soul's purpose be your guide to a fulfilling life and thriving business.

So what about you? 

What in life or business do you simply know how to do? Look there… Your soul purpose should feel easy. So easy it often makes you question yourself because you don’t understand why others find what you do so amazing and you don’t see why everyone can’t do what you do. 

And… If you’re looking to uncover your soul’s purpose, your purpose might not be your business. 

I remember a beautiful client who came to my Spiritual Wellbeing retreat whose purpose was not at all what she expected.

When she came to work with me, life felt so heavy for her. Home life felt factious, business was slow, and she was struggling to write a book. She had the weight of the world on her shoulders. 

She was at the point of asking herself what was it all for? Why did life feel so hard?

After tapping into the energy of her soul, the message was clear that her purpose was to be the mother to her two children, particularly her son, as he is here as part of the ascension of the planet. 

The moment she heard this, she could feel in her heart and soul that it was true. 

She smiled with happiness as the tears of relief flowed. Her body physically relaxed as it released the heavy burden of trying to understand what she was here for. All the pieces of the jigsaw of life fell into place.

From that moment she was less stressed, more relaxed, and slept better. Her relationships became more harmonious and she found a new drive of focus for her business and her book. 

It’s funny how often your soul purpose can be simply something right in front of you, something you are already doing, and sometimes, it has nothing to do with the work you do in your business. It’s easy to miss the obvious when you’re searching high and low for a more complex answer. 

Your soul purpose doesn’t have to be your business, but once you uncover it, you can incorporate it into your business, much like you would your personal values. Alignment comes when you weave together your personal values and your business values, and similar can be said for your soul purpose. 

If your soul’s purpose is woven into the fabric or foundation of your business, it can have a lot of benefits. Your soul’s purpose gives you tenacity. If you are struggling to stay consistent in your business, your purpose will keep you going. 

You know you have to fulfil your destiny and your mission. The impact you want to have and the desire to fulfil your purpose is always stronger than feelings of wanting to stop or hide away. 

On a side note, if your purpose is your business, when it comes to your offers and pricing, it’s important to remember the investment represents the impact and value of what you offer, not how easy you find the work. Don’t undervalue your magic! 

If you’re looking to uncover your soul’s purpose, I invite you to ask yourself these questions…

What do you do that feels so natural to you?

What do you do that you find easy? 

What do others always come to you for when wanting advice and guidance?

What do you do that recharges you? (and recharges those you connect with)

What makes you feel expansive?

What do you do that you lose yourself in?

What do you just love to do?

Once you’ve answered those, then look to see how you can bring that into your business. 

​When you know your soul’s purpose, life seems to flow, good things come to you, and you feel aligned.

Your soul’s purpose is a radar to guide you to your fulfilled life and business.

I would love to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from LonerWolf

"I refuse to run and hide from my Soul's calling no matter how difficult, scary or extraordinary it may be.  I step up and accept my destiny"​

Your soul’s purpose may be difficult, scary, or extraordinary. It may take you so far out of your comfort zone, you want to run for the hills.

But stepping up and accepting your destiny will give you the life and business you’ve always wanted. 


TLDR: Explore the journey of uncovering your soul's purpose and how it transcends business identity, with methods to align your inner calling with your professional life for a more fulfilled existence.


Anne-Louise is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, host of The Soul Living podcast and a Soul Truth channel. She empowers women to feel so connected to their true self and their soul that they feel more lit up and alive than they have ever felt before. Connect with Anne-Louise at @annelouise_spiritualwellbeing and



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