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Achieving More by Doing Less: The Soul Living Approach

It’s time to Do Less and Get More Done

Achieving More by Doing Less: The Soul Living Approach by Anne-Louise Harbutt for SOULACY Magazine

Can you believe we are nearly in the sixth month of 2023?  As we fly through the year, it can feel like we don't have time to even catch our breath, to find the space to be still, and the tranquillity to reflect on how far we have come. 

We can feel so caught up in the busyness of life, feeling responsible for everyone and everything, running a home, a business and all that that entails.  

I have recently been reflecting on this feeling of busyness.  It started with a strong intuitive nudge to give up my business. It’s been the strangest feeling over the last few months.  I’ve felt more and more called to move away from the noise and chaos of the online space.  It just doesn’t feel fun anymore. 

But I couldn't understand why the universe would give me such an incredible gift to tap into the soul energy of others, to see the future version of who they can become and to channel soulful guidance to take them beyond what they even thought was possible and then ask me to give it up! It didn't make any sense. 

But that is often the case. The guidance from the universe doesn't always make logical sense, instead we are invited to trust and trust some more - not only ourselves but the intuitive knowing within.

After chatting to my coach about these feelings, I began to realise how much meaning and emotion the word business holds for me.  It feels heavy, hard work, and not an energy I want to be in.  Business makes me feel like I’m in the busyness of doing, trying to fit in with a perception of what an entrepreneur and business owner should look like. 

When you are in your highest vibration and frequency, you are magnetic. You do less and yet get more done.

I have been in the online space for over eight years, so I know running a business means there is so much that needs to be done.  If you have a strong mission and something deep within your soul that you know needs to be shared with the world, then, of course, you need to be seen and heard. That involves showing up, being visible, and taking action to share your truth.

However, in the tranquillity of reflection, I have noticed the more I focus on my own energy and frequency; the more I do things that feed my soul, the more happiness, fun, and fulfilment I seek, the more I feel less busy and yet I get more done. 

I now understand why the universe has been guiding me to give up my business.  What I have been guided to is to give up my ‘busyness’.  

To spend less time at my desk and at a screen.  To spend less time on social media and to spend more time focusing on a life of more - more expansion, more happiness, more excitement, and more ease. 

For me, this is Soul Living – living your best life, whatever that looks and feels like for you.  Not what you feel you should do, or what you feel everyone else is doing. But standing in your own uniqueness of what lights you up and makes you feel alive. 

Because when you are in your highest vibration and frequency, you are magnetic. You feel good and you shine brightly.  You do less and yet get more done. 

Soul Living is unique to each of us. A client of mine recently described her Soul Living as a stillness within, a vibration that radiates from her body because in that moment she is still, she feels strong, and she knows she is living her best life. 

Soul Living is a lifestyle choice.  As you consciously create a life you love.  

A life where things no longer look better on the outside than how you feel on the inside.  

Where you feel confident and strong because you know, whatever happens, everything will work out. Where nothing externally to you decides if you are good enough, worthy enough, or valuable enough.  Your worth and value all come from within.  

Where you no longer do what you feel you should do or morph into someone you should be, instead you bask in the celebration of being your true self and doing what makes your soul sing.  

You have strong boundaries of who and what you are available for, high expectations of what you want from life, and in doing so have those expectations met.  

You are your priority, and you nurture yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

So, what is your version of Soul Living?  How do you want to feel every day?

Start by tuning yourself to the best feeling you can find, rather than what you want. It can be all too easy to focus on consciously creating something you have longed for, only to discover that when it appears in your reality, the high emotion you were expecting to feel is either very short-lived or non-existent.  

Instead focus on how you want to feel, those deep emotions within that feed your soul. You may be surprised to find that Soul Living looks completely different to what you imagined, AND allows you to do less and get more done.  


TLDR: Explore the transformative approach of 'Soul Living' where less is more, and discover how prioritizing happiness and fulfillment can lead to greater productivity and a richer life.


Anne-Louise is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, host of The Soul Living podcast and a Soul Truth channel. She empowers women to feel so connected to their true self and their soul that they feel more lit up and alive than they have ever felt before. Connect with Anne-Louise at @annelouise_spiritualwellbeing and



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