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Redefining Self-Care: Discovering the Body Temple Blueprint

Redefining Self-Care: Discovering the Body Temple Blueprint by Katharina Kunz for SOULACY Magazine

The adage "your body is a temple" has reverberated through our lives countless times. But have you ever paused to ponder its profound significance? What lies beneath this seemingly simple expression?

As a personal trainer and health coach with nearly three decades of experience, I've ventured deep into the realm of the human body. Through this journey, I've come to a simple yet profound revelation: our bodies are not mere vessels or shells to passively experience life in; they are, in their essence, our very own temples. With this realization, I uncovered a treasure trove of wisdom and power, waiting patiently to be harnessed and celebrated.Travel back with me to a pivotal moment when I embarked on my journey as a personal trainer in the '90s. I couldn't foresee that it would lead me down a path of profound self-discovery, uncovering disharmonies within my mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. True health and vibrancy, I soon realized, go far beyond protein shakes and rigorous workouts.

Despite my disciplined regimen of a healthy diet and intense exercise, I found myself experiencing a state of "dis-ease”. My physique appeared cut and lean, but my inner world was in turmoil. I suffered from chemical imbalances, chronic aches, bloating, constipation, anxiety, and the loss of my feminine vitality. My menstrual cycle vanished, and I felt the grip of depression eroding my radiance. Concealing my fears, insecurities, and self-loathing had taken a toll on my well-being, and it was beginning to manifest outwardly.

This personal crisis marked the initiation of my inner exploration. I could no longer ignore the call of my soul to seek deeper meaning in my life. It beckoned me to connect with nature, embrace my natural rhythm, heal past wounds with compassion, and step forward with gratitude, joy, and integrity. My journey led me to meditation, yoga, healing practices, poetry, and personal development literature and programs. I also sought the support of individuals who championed my quest for self-discovery. Amidst the chaos of my emotional and mental turmoil, my body bore the brunt of this internal discord.

While I diligently focused on external aspects like nutrition and exercise, my inner landscape resembled an uncharted wilderness. It felt like navigating treacherous terrain without maps or guides. What I needed was a blueprint, a roadmap to guide me on this inner odyssey. It was during this quest that I stumbled upon what I now call the Body Temple Blueprint.

This blueprint encompasses an embodied experience, reaching far beyond the realms of movement, nutrition, and appearance. It delves into the intricacies of our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and relationships with the world. It was the turning point when my fitness training for a healthy body expanded into a comprehensive journey that I'm eager to share with you. 

In our perception of ourselves, we often reduce our bodies to the mere "shape" they embody, and we endeavor to mold them through exercise and proper nutrition. While these elements certainly play a crucial role in shaping our bodies and, more importantly, in maintaining their health, they are not the sole architects of our physicality. The common belief that a slender physique equates to health doesn't hold true for everyone.

We've been conditioned to view our bodies as malleable shells, like sculptures waiting to be chiseled or canvases waiting to be painted. Another perspective can be explored through striving for peak performance, emphasizing the need for unwavering discipline and dedication. Don't get me wrong; training for specific goals or pursuing an athletic lifestyle indeed demands discipline and commitment. However, regardless of the objective, it's enlightening to recognize the intricate interplay between all four dimensions of our being and to understand that each of us possesses a unique blueprint for optimal health and bodily liberation.

Our well-being and physical form are not solely determined by our diet and exercise regimen; they are equally influenced by how we sleep, think, feel, perceive, what we consume intellectually, and even our interactions with the world. These factors intricately weave together to shape our holistic health.Self-care is the cornerstone upon which your body temple is erected. Just as a skilled architect selects the finest materials and tools to craft a sturdy foundation, you too must invest in self-care practices that empower you to build a strong and resilient temple.

In my 27+ years of working with clients, a common complaint or challenge I have heard revolves around dissatisfaction with how their bodies both look and feel. I often refer to this struggle as not feeling at home in our own bodies. When we don’t feel at home in our bodies we often look for ways to dissociate from it and we instinctively seek ways to dissociate from our physical selves. This dissociation can arise from a multitude of sources—emotional or physical trauma, shame, anxiety, stress, self-judgment, and even experiences of abuse.

The dilemma of not feeling comfortable in our own skin is the division it creates within us. This division breeds suffering and erects barriers, akin to impenetrable walls, within both our energetic and physical bodies. Imagine the constriction and tumultuous flow of emotion and energy that these walls create.

When we nurture an environment within our bodies that radiates acceptance and love, our hearts find solace. For some of us, our bodies have become, at best, a hostile terrain, an entity to be tolerated, or even worse, rejected. We often forget that, during our time on this earth, our bodies serve as the homes in which we dwell—a sanctuary for our souls and the conduit through which we engage with life's experiences.

Imagine your body as a home, akin to those we inhabit. When we step into a well-cared-for, inviting abode, we invariably carry that sensation within us. However, if our inner "home" consists of closed walls devoid of doors, we feel trapped, stifled, and tense.

Our heart's space, our energetic space, and our mental space all influence how we decorate the rooms within this "home”. Is it a welcoming space, neatly arranged, adorned with elements that exude joy, vitality, nature, creativity, and love? Or does it mirror an energetically cold, cluttered, scattered, and stagnant dwelling? Reinvigorating the current of love is an excellent starting point in this transformational journey.

Much like constructing a house, building your temple demands attention to the quality of materials and education on the foundations that endure. It necessitates acquiring the proper tools, knowledge, and expertise to assemble it all. Above all else, it demands unwavering perseverance, patience, intention, and a vivid vision to bring it to fruition.

To embark on this transformative journey, you must first evaluate where you've been. 

This introspective process is pivotal in envisioning the temple you desire for your life. It's important to understand that your temple, although likened to a physical structure, need not be rigid, confining, or static. It can possess the fluidity and expansiveness you allow it to embrace. After all, freedom knows no bounds.

A fundamental aspect of crafting your blueprint is examining your current temple, exploring its every facet, and cultivating a fresh vision for your body temple. Begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current "house”. Armed with paper, pencil, and your inner flashlight, embark on this journey of self-discovery.

Each of us inhabits a unique body temple.  How is yours currently manifesting? 

Consider examples such as a humble shack, a rudimentary outhouse, a cluttered storage locker, or perhaps a structure built from conventional materials mirroring the Standard American Diet. Or alternatively, is it a nurturing haven, exuding tranquility, serving as a sanctuary, or radiating vibrancy? These perceptions paint a vivid picture of your present state.After you've completed your inventory, it's time to unleash your imagination and craft a vision for how you want your body temple to look and feel. Consider what it truly feels like to be at home in yourself.

Here are some inspirational examples to draw from in describing  your desired body temple:

  • I can invest my heart and soul into nurturing it, both figuratively and literally.

  • It becomes an eloquent expression of my inner world.

  • I approach it with pride and reverence, offering attentive care.

  • Like a masterpiece, I meticulously craft it with only the finest materials.

  • Whether spacious or cozy, it exudes warmth and welcomes.

  • It gleams with cleanliness and radiates a nurturing aura.

  • Its vibrancy is a testament to my commitment to its well-being.

Once you've meticulously crafted a vision for your body temple and considered what resonates deeply with your authentic self, it's time to delve into the foundational aspect that will bring this vision to life. This foundational component, which we'll explore next, is your Willingness. It's the bedrock upon which your temple's blueprint will stand, your greatest superpower in shaping the life and body you desire.

Willingness is the cornerstone of our journey, a courageous willingness to confront our shadows, take ownership of our choices, and mold the life we yearn for.

It's not a passive state; it's an active stance, propelling us forward and igniting transformation. Willingness is the key to unlocking the unknown, freeing ourselves from the familiar's grip. It's a brave stride toward authenticity, an unwavering commitment to realizing our fullest potential.

To be willing means embracing discomfort, challenging our comfort zones, and shedding layers that hinder us. It's a choice to fully engage with life, learn from its lessons, and dance to its rhythms. Through willingness, we tap into our inner power, reclaiming agency, and orchestrating a life filled with purpose, passion, and growth.

Willingness serves as the foundation, the bedrock of your blueprint.

Your FOUNDATION embodies your willingness, and its strength is your greatest superpower. Willingness creates doors where there were once walls, unlocking endless possibilities. It doesn't matter how many tools or materials you possess; without willingness, they remain dormant.

To gauge your level of willingness, take a moment to reflect and write down:

  • What am I willing to confront?

  • What am I willing to forgive?

  • What am I willing to release?

  • What am I willing to embrace?

These answers, etched onto the pages of your journey, will serve as guideposts on your path to reclaiming your body temple.

Now, let's delve deeper into what upholds the structure of your temple. Imagine within the foundation of your temple, four sturdy Pillars rising from each corner. These pillars are the backbone of your temple, providing the strength and support needed to manifest your vision.

Each of these pillars represents one of your four bodies. While only your physical body is visible, the others —the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies—are subtle energy forms deeply interconnected. When one of these pillars is out of harmony, it affects the balance of the others.

Mental Pillar: Within the heart of your being, this pillar serves as the sanctuary for your intellect. It’s where your inquisitive mind, memory, and boundless imagination holds a realm of elevated consciousness, a sacred space where you meticulously curate the mental sustenance you partake in—from the books you read to the conversations you engage in, from the content you watch to the mindset you choose to adopt. This realm becomes your unwavering companion—an influence or an infection, the choice is yours to make. 

Remember, your thoughts are the architects of your reality; what you choose to focus on becomes the cornerstone of your world. In the realm of your mind, knowledge is the potent elixir of power, a driving force that empowers you to conscientiously craft a legacy that reverberates with positivity across your life and throughout the world.Contemplate:  How are my thoughts creating my reality?

Emotional Pillar: At its core, this pillar revolves around the profound art of embracing your emotions without harsh judgment. It's a journey into emotional awareness, where the currents of your feelings are allowed to flow freely, never stifled. The consequences of suppressing emotions can be far-reaching, leading to numbness, fiery outbursts, or the treacherous allure of addiction. Instead, harness the power of your emotions as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward healing and authentic self-expression. 

Our emotions are like magnets, drawing in experiences that resonate with their energy. It's not about whether an emotion is positive or negative; it's about the energy the emotion carries. Emotion is a current that flows through us, shaping our reality, and the more we feed it, the stronger it becomes.

 Contemplate: Do I acknowledge what I am feeling without judgment?

Spiritual Pillar: This pillar signifies the profound interplay between your beliefs and your way of life, influencing how you engage with the world, relate to others, pursue your vocation, and most significantly, care for your body. It encompasses your connection to a higher power, your alignment with moral values, a sense of oneness with the universe, trust in your intuition (often referred to as your "gut feeling"), the transformative power of conscious breath, and the expression of your unique gifts and talents, which are cultivated through curiosity.

Here's a little secret: The fountain of youth comprises two components—curiosity and wonderment, qualities that keep you youthful and engaged in life.Contemplate: How do I experience and connect with spirit?

Physical Pillar: This pillar extends beyond mere appearance; it delves into the art of presenting yourself authentically. It encompasses posture, hygiene, demeanor, and sensuality, making it more than skin deep. 

When it comes to nourishment, it's about going beyond what you eat and delving into what you truly digest—how effectively do your metabolic pathways function, and what factors influence them? Your food choices are not just about sustenance; they are the building blocks of your health, appearance, cognitive function, and emotional well-being. Are you fueling yourself with whole, natural foods and sustainably sourced products? 

Lastly, movement transcends exercise; it's an exploration of your body's incredible capabilities. It's a dynamic means of generating energy for life itself, a wellspring you can tap into for your purpose, passions, and relationships. Movement is not just a workout; it's an art form and a profound avenue for connection, sometimes expressed through the graceful language of dance.Contemplate: How do I present myself? How do I fuel myself?  How do I like to move?

Each of these four pillars is a crucial part of your temple's foundation. Together, they create a harmonious structure that supports your vision and journey toward optimal health and body freedom.

When you truly feel at home within yourself, it's like turning up the volume on joy and letting it flow effortlessly through your days.

The third vital component of your body temple blueprint is your ROOF. Think of your roof as the guardian of your framework, representing the values that uphold the integrity of your temple.

To embark on your journey toward longevity and holistic well-being, it's imperative to align your life's purpose and daily priorities with the profound aspiration of embodying your emotional, mental, and spiritual essence within your physical vessel. This alignment lays the cornerstone for a robust foundation that can facilitate transformation. When you approach wellness goals that resonate with your true nature, you'll find yourself infused with vitality, a sense of aliveness, and the ability to harmonize with all facets of your life. Joy becomes your internal compass, signifying that you are on the path that truly aligns with your essence.

As you craft your Body Temple Blueprint, delve into these questions: 

What are your top five values, and how do they safeguard the integrity of your temple's structure? Do these core values harmonize with the priorities you live out each day? For instance, if family and health rank among your top values but you dedicate long hours to work, neglecting healthy living and quality time with your loved ones, there may be a misalignment that warrants attention.

Consider your goals in various life domains—physical, personal, spiritual, and financial. Do any of these goals conflict with one another?

Now, envision what feeling at your best means to you, exploring the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental dimensions of this experience.

Reflect on whether you impose ultimatums upon yourself, such as conditional self-love based on achieving specific goals.

By nurturing a daily connection with your body that harmonizes with your priorities, you instill a sense of harmony and flow in both your energetic and physical being. Your outward posture mirrors your internal disposition, expressed in your movements and carriage. Simultaneously, your inner posture encompasses your attitude toward your body and your emotional responses to various conditions. How do you perceive your body in relation to your holistic experience as a complete individual?Consider self-care as the nurturing force that breathes life into your temple, fostering an environment of acceptance, love, and vitality within your being. It's about dismantling the walls of self-judgment, shame, and stress, allowing you to feel at home in your own skin.Now, let's dive into the toolbox that will empower you to construct your pillars and raise your temple. There's no fixed order for these tools; it's about starting where you feel the greatest need. Our goal isn't merely to seek balance; it's to harmonize and channel our focus where it's most necessary. In fact, I firmly believe that an unyielding pursuit of balance can lead to mediocrity. When we strive to evenly distribute our efforts across all aspects of life, we may miss the opportunity to deeply explore and excel in one area. Paradoxically, this focused exploration can restore balance by infusing newfound energy, unwavering presence, and insatiable curiosity into other aspects or pillars of our temple.

Mental: Begin by cultivating awareness. It's not just about the thoughts or ideas themselves but about understanding the observer behind those thoughts. By becoming aware of the motivations driving our thoughts, we can empower ourselves to make choices that align with what we wish to manifest in our lives. Use this awareness as an internal compass to navigate your inner landscape, uncover limiting beliefs, and rediscover your true self.

Emotional: Gratitude and appreciation possess an extraordinary magnetism, drawing positivity into our lives. These emotions function like dynamic energies, capable of fostering vibrancy, health, and joy. What we consistently think about, we attract into our lives. Cultivate gratitude by expressing daily what you're thankful for; over time, this practice can transform your attitude. A positive attitude fosters an attitude of gratitude.

Spiritual: Intention serves as the bedrock of your spiritual journey. When you align your heart with a daily intention, you unlock a potent capacity to seize opportunities. Without intention, you risk feeling ungrounded and scattered amid life's pressures. The crucial aspect of intention is that it should emanate from your true and enduring self, guiding you through life's various seasons.

Physical: Breath, the essence of life, profoundly influences its quality. How we breathe can impact our well-being. Engage with your breath intentionally. When you exert effort and move your body, you energize it through deeper and more frequent breaths, supplying your cells with oxygen and promoting vital organ health. Intentionally harness your breath as a transformational vehicle, bridging your inner and outer worlds.As you explore your unique blueprint within your body temple, these tools serve as your guiding compass, helping you navigate the intricate landscape of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. They are the techniques and practices that empower you to fuel your willingness, allowing it to become the driving force in building and harmonizing the pillars that uphold your temple. Just as a skilled craftsman selects the finest materials to create a lasting masterpiece, you too have at your disposal a set of materials for this transformative endeavor. These materials become the building blocks of your temple's integrity. Each tool and material you incorporate contributes to the strength and vitality of your temple's structure, aligning your actions with how you want to feel in your body and nurturing your unwavering willingness to thrive.

Materials: Think of the materials you use in erecting your temple as the tangible actions that fortify its structural integrity and flow. With this perspective in mind, let's dive into a practice that engages all the pillars within your body temple, offering embodied strength, alignment, resilience, and freedom.

Here is a practice within one of offerings, called The Alignment Scale Workshop for you to engage with:

Anchoring Ritual: Alignment Scale - Stepping into Your PowerHave you ever allowed the number on a scale to dictate the course of your day or determine your sense of worth? This transformative approach, guides you to align with your core values and priorities. It empowers you to craft a powerful mantra that you'll step into each day, fortifying and harmonizing the pillars of your life.  With this newfound alignment, you'll experience unwavering stability and resilience, enabling you to strengthen your current foundation and structure.

Lasting transformation isn't solely about achieving a goal; it's about understanding how you want to feel. Consider the example of shedding 40 pounds, a goal that transcends the physical and taps into your emotional core. Delve into the emotions it would evoke—vibrancy, energy, self-assurance. This journey extends far beyond dietary changes and exercise routines; it's a holistic transformation. Explore not only how you'll nourish your body and stay active but also how you'll think, feel, and rest. Contemplate the media you'll consume and the beliefs that align with your evolving self. By investing your time and energy into these principles, you'll find that creating your ultimate body temple becomes a more effortless, graceful, and joyful endeavor.

Instead of allowing a number on a scale to dictate your day, let's empower ourselves with the Alignment Scale, a tool to embrace your daily intentions and guide your journey. Picture a scale, not for measuring weight, but for measuring alignment with your authentic self. You can draw one for yourself, or I’d be happy to share one with you from my Alignment Scale Workshop. Visit for your copy. 

Alignment Mantra: At the top of the scale, write down the mantra that represents your intention for the day. This mantra will set the tone and guide your actions. Examples of this can be: 

I chose to make myself a priority.

I align my thoughts with how I want to feel.

I make healthy choices out of devotion to myself.

Next, visualize two footprints on the scale. The left foot represents the feminine aspect, linked to feelings, intuition, and empathy. The right foot symbolizes the masculine aspect, associated with logic, facts, and self-interest.

As you step onto the Alignment Scale, consider these aspects:

  • Left Side/Foot (Feminine/Feeling Aspect): Reflect on your feelings and intuition. How do you want to show up emotionally today? What intentions can you set to connect with your inner self and the people around you?

  • Right Side/Foot (Masculine/Logical Aspect): Think about the practical aspects of your day. What actions align with your goals and values? How can you engage with tasks and decisions from a place of clarity and effectiveness?

As you stand on the Alignment Scale, let your mantra guide you into balance. The feminine and masculine aspects are not opposing forces, but rather complementary energies that, when aligned, create harmony within you.

Each morning, take a moment to visualize stepping onto the Alignment Scale. Allow your intention to resonate with both your feelings and logic. By embracing this tool, you're reminding yourself that your power lies in your alignment, not in external numbers. This practice empowers you to navigate your day from a place of authentic intention and balance.

Daily Review: Each day, review your intentions, affirmations, and action plans. Keep your focus on the feelings of abundance and the steps you're taking to embody them.

By incorporating the Alignment Scale into your daily routine, you're actively participating in the construction of your body temple, reinforcing its pillars, and fostering a sense of wholeness and harmony within yourself.

I encourage you to let your creativity soar and infuse this practice with a sense of joyous exploration. Begin to see yourself not just as a work of art but as a MASTERPIECE, a unique creation unlike any other. From this very moment, embrace the idea that we are all individual masterpieces, each with our own vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Imagine a life where you revel in the freedom and harmony of being authentically you. When you truly feel at home within yourself, it's like turning up the volume on joy and letting it flow effortlessly through your days. Picture yourself as an essential thread in the grand tapestry of existence, where your authenticity and happiness paint vibrant strokes in the ever-evolving masterpiece of your life—a masterpiece that's alive and continually shaped by your choices. Embrace this extraordinary reality, for you are, without a doubt, living art! 

As we reflect upon the intricate design of the Body Temple Blueprint, it becomes evident that this journey is as unique as the individuals embarking upon it. Just as no two blueprints for physical homes are identical, no two Body Temple Blueprints are the same. What works as a solid foundation for one person may not resonate with another. Your pillars of health and well-being may be entirely distinct from those of your neighbor, and that's not just acceptable; it's beautiful.

The tools and materials we employ in constructing our personal temples are deeply individual, reflecting our unique experiences, values, and aspirations. What may be medicine for your body, mind, and spirit could be poison for someone else. This diversity is not a challenge but an opportunity—a call to curiosity about your own body's wisdom, a guide to uncovering the blueprint for your optimal health, longevity, and radiance.

So, as you embark on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation, remember that you are the architect, the builder, and the masterpiece of your own body temple. It's not about conforming to an external standard but crafting a space within yourself where you flourish, thrive, and shine authentically. Embrace the uniqueness of your blueprint, and let the symphony of your choices compose the vibrant masterpiece of your life—a living, evolving, and extraordinary work of art. In the end, you are, unequivocally, living art, and your Body Temple Blueprint is your enduring guide to this magnificent expression of your essence.


TLDR: Katharina Kunz's article "Redefining Self-Care: Discovering the Body Temple Blueprint" explores the profound significance of viewing our bodies as temples. By embracing a holistic approach to health, encompassing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects, we can redefine self-care and create a harmonious and vibrant body temple.


Katharina, a health and personal growth expert, invites you to start your journey to personal evolution. Visit to access your complimentary Alignment Scale workshop to accompany her Body Temple Blueprint article.



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