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Embracing a New Perspective: The Soul-Led Approach to Clarity in Business

Embracing a New Perspective: The Soul-Led Approach to Clarity in Business by Katie Carswell for SOULACY Magazine

Clarity in business is amazing, powerful, and life changing. But... it can also feel really stressful when you don’t have it.

It feels like the rest of the world knows something you don't and you are therefore doomed to a life of mediocrity, feeling lost, and as a complete failure.

But what if you didn’t have to be 100% ‘clear’ in order to move forward in a purposeful, aligned, and fulfilling way?

What if you reframed what clarity looks like?

What if you decided clarity was a feeling, a knowing - not a thing?

What if you chose to believe that clarity is doing what feels aligned in this present moment - and not needing every step detailed out and planned?

What if clarity was as simple as following what feels good?

What if clarity is accepting you’ll never fully know how it all fits together because you are always growing and expanding with the Universe? How can you - really - know what tomorrow might bring?

What if true clarity was learning to trust that there is an infinitely wiser power at work, who knows more than we do, and who is safely guiding you to bigger and better things? We’re meant to trust and accept that we don’t need to know the details. 

What if you decided that just knowing what brings you joy, inspiration, and what lights you up is your soul's calling? That doing this will show you the direction in which you need to go, the nudges to follow. And that knowing that for now, in this moment, is all the clarity you need to move forward in the perfect way for you?

Ease and fun are signposts that you're on the right track.

How that presents itself is not your doing. It’s just your job to tune in, be aware, and become really conscious. To stop listening to fear, ego, and pure logic. Tune out all of the external noise vying for your attention and start tuning into soul.

What if choosing your big vision and setting an intention were all you had to do? And the clarity you’re seeking actually came by trusting that whatever presented itself from moment to moment is the perfectly-aligned thing for you to do?

How differently would you show up in your business today if that was the case?

An example for you:

I know I am here to help spiritual entrepreneurs with their marketing, so they can shine their light into the world and have as big an impact as possible.

This excites me greatly, so I know it’s my truth.

At this moment in time, that means I am coaching, writing, speaking, and creating programs.

But I am always growing, expanding, and changing, so the products and services I put out into the world are, too. How my business and marketing activities might look from one moment to the next, let alone one month to the next is hard to quantify and this is why so many, multi-passionate, spiritual entrepreneurs find it so hard to do business in the traditional way and have crystal clear clarity.

It’s why avatars don’t work for you, confining yourself to set business models or traditional marketing tactics and strategies leave you feeling exhausted, uninspired and disconnected. 

There is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t suit that system.

You don’t fit into that traditional box, you never have done and that’s okay. In fact it’s absolutely amazing, empowering, and exciting that you don’t. You are here to change the status quo, to do things differently, a new way - the soul led way. 

You don’t need to operate in that container, it’s not possible to be free and fully expressed when in a box.

Stop getting bogged down in how your business model must work, what niche you must serve, the money you must make, the content you must create, the ways you must do it in order to be seen as credible / professional, and the clarity you must have on every element. You are potentially missing the incredible opportunities that keep presenting themselves to you - the magic waiting to unfold, the amazing downloads waiting to flood in, because you are so blinkered by how things should be done or too busy stuck in your head or listening to others.

I know clarity feels good, it gives us a [false] sense of control and it’s comforting that we [think we] know what we're doing, so we can plan accordingly and work out all the steps. This all has a place, but not as your foundation, not as the deciding elements.

If you’re not clear, it doesn’t mean you have failed. It doesn’t mean that you are doing this whole business thing wrong, and please please please do not let it stop you from moving forward.

True clarity always comes from taking the next inspired, aligned action and being open to the magic that unfolds before you, in any given moment .

So, what if you changed your perspective?

What if you forgot about all that stuff for now and just started to be all of you in your business. 

You simply let your passion and enthusiasm for what you absolutely love to do flood through you, without overthinking it? 

What if you followed your joy, inspiration, and what felt good, trusting that would lead you to the perfect next action to take. What if you followed ease and fun? 

Those are the signposts you are on the right track.  Ease and fun are signposts that you are on the right track.

What if you stopped constricting yourself and suffocating your creativity with all the should do’s, must do’s, have to’s, and stopped following rules that don’t serve you? What if you simply stopped believing it was true? So many of us think we’re not clear purely because of all the pressure - either put on us by others or that we put on ourselves. 

And instead of believing that the reason you feel stuck, disconnected, and simply not cut out for this, is because you are playing this wonderful game of life and business by somebody else's rules, and their rules don’t suit you. 

What if you started living by the rule that you are here to change things, you are here to change the face of business, to do things with ease, flow and joy, in whatever way that might look for you? 

You get to make the rules. You get to decide. You get to do what works and feels right and good for you, regardless of what anyone else is saying or doing.

If you reframe clarity, and see it as a by-product of trust and action - and not as a destination to get to, you will feel the ease, confidence, and surety that comes, and from that space, magic.


TLDR: Discover how redefining clarity as a feeling of alignment and trust rather than a fixed destination can transform your approach to business. Learn to follow your joy and intuition, embrace ease and fun, and let go of traditional constraints to unlock your true potential as a spiritual entrepreneur.


Katie is a women’s circle holder, mindfulness life coach, Reiki healer and Kundalini yoga teacher, she also has an online ethical crystal and ritual shop too. Sharing ancient wisdom to nourish your body, mind and soul.



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