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Embrace the Chaos: How Loving the Mess Can Transform Your Life

Title Overlay: Embrace the Chaos: How Loving the Mess Can Transform Your Life by Jennifer Major for SOULACY Magazine Image: Woman holding her temples with a stressful expression with a background of various empty post-it notes on the wall behind the woman

Life is messy so jump in and learn to love it. It’s time to stop hiding behind the mess and embrace it. Yes, the professional organizer is suggesting that you embrace the mess. Here’s why:

Life is not about rainbow bookshelves and perfectly organized kitchens. It’s not about constantly making things tidy and knowing what sparks joy. Can those make you happy or life easier? Probably. But they can also add stress and struggle. On top of that, it can sometimes feel inauthentic and that never feels good.

Life is about living and living is messy sometimes. Sometimes it’s a season that’s messier than others - new mamas, caring for a parent, new job, moving house - and sometimes it’s just a freaking Wednesday that seems to have you tripping over your own feet. That is all totally normal and part of life. 

Sitting in the mess for a minute is healthy. It teaches us to go with the flow, be more present, and focus on what’s important instead of trying to fit into the social norm and expectations of what a household and family should look like. 

However, sitting in a mess long term can be distracting and distressing. 

Take this text conversation with my daughter as an example as something that would be an okay-level of mess to manage occasionally, but repeatedly and more regularly, this would be stressful and daunting. 

“today is already a struggle. I got a lemonade instead of a coffee bc I was thirsty but trying to avoid the caffeine. But I cant open the bottle. And I got a Nutri grain bar bc I am starving but we cant eat in here. And my airpods are dead and I have nowhere to charge them and it’s not even 9am.” 

We’ve all had these days where you just want to crawl into bed or hit a reset button. But there are some things we can do to avoid mornings like that from being more than an occasional one-off: 

  • Rely on the simple organization that you already have in place, for example:

  • Make sure you always have a charger with you

  • Set aside your morning must-haves so they’re easier to grab

  • Ease into a new routine instead of trying to start one on the fly

With just a few things in place you can limit the messy mornings/afternoons/evenings. Your Future You will thank Past You for being so considerate. 😉 When you do that, you’re less stressed and better equipped to handle the messy moments or seasons when they come.

So as you walk through life, enjoy it. Don’t fuss over every little thing being in its place. Sit in the mess of life. Create a few simple organization routines to help you each day so that you can dance, drink lemonade, have a snack, and connect with your people without needing a reset before 9am.  


TLDR: Explore the notion of embracing life's messiness rather than constantly striving for perfection. Discover how accepting chaos can lead to greater authenticity and resilience. Learn practical tips for managing daily challenges while staying true to yourself.


Jennifer Major is an Intuitive Life Organizer who helps heart-centered women to get organized once and for all, and solve generational clutter so that you can weather the chaos of life more easily and do more of what you want! Her mission is to help you have your own back through supportive systems built around your unique values and needs. Because she believes we all deserve clutter-free spaces and more time for naps and money.



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