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3 Ways to Tap Into the Energy of Spring

Title overlay: 3 Ways to Tap Into the Energy of Spring by Corean Canty for SOULACY Magazine. Image: Blooming pink and white flowers on a stem with a vibrant blue/green background

In our modern world, our lives are governed by the Gregorian Calendar marking the beginning of the year as January 1st. In the northern hemisphere, this is typically in the middle of winter. A time of hibernation, rest, reflection, inner work, and more darkness than light. It’s why so many of us struggle with New Year’s Resolutions and starting something new. Our bodies remember the natural cycles even if our minds don’t. This is why a big part of my work is helping people realign to their natural rhythms. Spring offers an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature’s calendar, realign with your own natural rhythms, and tap into the abundant energy of new beginnings. 

Spring is the season of emergence and making things new. Animals come out of hibernation, flowers begin to bloom, and new life appears. In Ayurveda, spring is the transition from the slower, cooler, heavier characteristics of Kapha season to the quicker, hotter, more active characteristics of Pitta season. This fiery energy can help to motivate us to take action on our desires. Spring is a time of creativity, life force energy and awakening. It’s the season of new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Here are 3 ways to tap into this beautiful energy and align with “Nature’s New Year.”

  1. Emerge - After a winter of wanting to stay inside, it’s time to go outside and play. Tap into your inner child that remembers the excitement of spring. The sensation of your feet in the grass, laughing with your friends. If you are building a personal brand or business, this is the perfect energy to help you be more visible, connect, and collaborate. 

  2. Bloom - Just like the flowers, you are a sight to see when you are fully expressed. Allow yourself to be inspired by all the colors and joys of spring. Tap into your creativity, grab a few friends, and play dress-up. Discover what really feels good on you. Give a room in your home a makeover and fill it with all the things that light you up and make you feel more alive. 

  3. Activate - Use the energy of the spring to take inspired action. Birth those ideas you have been thinking about into the world. They have been waiting for you to bring them to life. 

Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with the seasons and natural rhythms of life. Use this energy to foster new ideas, start that project you have always dreamed of doing, go after that dream job, and remember to play and have more fun. It’s time to emerge, bloom and activate the life you desire.


TLDR: Spring offers a chance to realign with nature's rhythms and harness the energy of new beginnings. Learn three ways to tap into this energy: Emerge by connecting with the outdoors, Bloom by embracing creativity and self-expression, and Activate by taking inspired action on your ideas.


Corean is a transformational speaker, workplace well-being expert, professional improviser, 20+ year corporate veteran, founder of The Life is Collective, a membership community and program that helps people uncover their purpose to build and live full lives, and co-founder of Shift to Play, a culture strategy firm that facilitates experiences to foster more connected, engaged and inclusive workplaces.


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