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  • Tonya Melendez

10 Ways to Intuitively Increase Your Self-Care Today

Most of us grew up without hearing of self-care, wellness, and the sacred feminine. As the first and second generations of women who are for the first time self advocating in ways our ancestors have been waiting for, the biggest shifts are occurring within a sense of self, mental health, and well-being by redefining the age of wellness for women.

The life of the modern woman is completely different from that of our mothers and grandmothers. We are strengthening our muscles and sharpening our tongues while simultaneously busting aging and midlife myths. Allowing our bottled truth to spill out into boardrooms, on campuses, across the Internet, and everywhere else. We're learning to regulate our nervous systems and menstrual cycles and balance our hormones while showing up for ourselves in better, healthier, and more spiritually-aligned ways. 

With this age of wellness and spirituality, it’s important to recognize that intuition is a part of our self-care and wellness as spirituality continues to influence every aspect of our lives. 

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Tonya Melendez, is an award-winning Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Human Design Guide, a former Librarian, Tonya turned her coffee shop tarot readings into a thriving online business. In 2012, Tonya was voted the #3 Psychic Medium in the world by STB TV Channel (Europe/Kyiv, Ukraine) She’s helped thousands of clients and students, including best-selling authors Layla Saad (Me & White Supremacy) and Alexis Daria (You Had Me at Hola), sharing how to embrace intuition in their lives as a superpower.



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