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Get ready to dive in and soak up the summer edition of SOULACY and let the season inspire you! This issue is all about making the most of the season from seasonal marketing strategies, summer self-care, happiness and joy, and renewal. Join us as we explore the art of balancing business and leisure, all while soaking up the vibrant energy of summer.

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Want to be part of the issue?


We're gearing up for the summer edition of SOULAC, set to release on June 20th! We're on the lookout for passionate contributors who want to share their stories, insights, and expertise in our vibrant summer issue.


If you're eager to inspire and connect with our community of entrepreneurs, make sure to submit your pieces by June 1st.


Join us in creating an edition that captures the essence of summer and the spirit of entrepreneurial adventure!

Need some inspo? Here are some


Balancing Business and Leisure: Tips on managing business while enjoying summer, including flexible scheduling and working from holiday spots.

Seasonal Marketing Strategies: Strategies for tailoring marketing to summer, including themes, promotions, and social media trends.

Self-Care and Wellness: Tips for physical and mental well-being in summer, including outdoor exercises, mindfulness, and nutritional advice.

Family-Focused Entrepreneurship: Guides on involving families in business during summer and balancing work with family time.

Innovation and Growth: Insights on using summer for strategic planning, successful launches, and business pivots.

Sustainability in Business: Ways businesses can adopt sustainable practices, including eco-friendly packaging and green energy solutions.

Networking and Community Building: Ideas for networking in casual summer settings and building business relationships.

Financial Planning for Seasonal Shifts: Tips for budgeting during slower periods and capitalizing on seasonal opportunities.

Creative Content Creation: Techniques for vibrant, engaging summer-themed content, including visuals, video, and writing.

Business Out in the Community: Examples of making a difference in communities during summer and building brand awareness.

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The summer edition will be available in print and digital. Digital edition will be delivered 20 June.

The digital edition is $16. The print edition will be $16 + S/H.

You can pre-order the digital edition today. Print editions are not available for pre-order.

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