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with a cuppa


Grab a cuppa and settle in for the magic, inspiration, wisdom, and soulful perspective of our featured writers and regular contributors found inside every issue of SOULACY.

inside each issue


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Dive into the special editions of SOULACY brought to you just once per year.

Below you have access to the MONEY and SELF CARE specials from 2021 + the RELATE special from April 2022, and you're on the list to receive our upcoming MONEY and SELF CARE specials coming out this year.


Settle in for the wisdom and guidance from MONEY experts from around the world sharing their knowledge and inspiring all of us to have a better relationship to money and be aware of our mindset and potential blocks and hang-ups whilst empowering all of us to think differently about wealth and abundance.

Soak up the goodness of SELF CARE and bring more self-love, peace, and embodiment into your life. This issue gives us the courage to accept what is, hope for a more aligned future, and the deep knowing that happens when we slow down and listen.

Nothing is more important to our human experience than the relationships in our lives. From our relationships to our clients, friends, and partners, to our relationships to sales, our businesses, money, and more. And most importantly, this RELATE explores our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. 

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