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SELF CARE is coming this October

SELF CARE 2023 is an annual special edition from SOULACY. Releasing 6 October 2023.

Pre-order pricing starts at $22. SELF CARE will be available in both digital and print.

SELF CARE Special Edition of SOULACY.png

We love our autumn special edition, SELF CARE, because it is the perfect for the season. As the nights get longer, the days get cooler, and the world starts to slow down, our SELF CARE special is here to help you take more time for yourself. 

With inspiration, expert advice and tips, and stories and articles to spark insights within yourself, SELF CARE is more than the mass-media idea of self-care.

It's about honestly and fully looking at your life and how you care for yourself in all ways, as an entrepreneur, as a human, that go beyond mani/pedis, bath salts, and massages. 

We're talking about radical, fulfilling, deep self-love that helps you be more of who you know you are.

Don't miss out—grab your copy today and begin anew your healing and self-love journey. 

what you'll read about inside


Healing · Self-Love · Mindset · Burnout · Wellness · Boundaries
Abundance · Connection · Self-Care · Alignment
Acceptance · Rest

written by experts from around the world


inside the 2022 edition

SELF CARE 2022 · Issue 19 · SOULACY.gif

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