Confetti Girl


Available 22 October 2021

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Over 170 pages of self-care, self-love, wisdom, and cosy magic


24 page herbal magic & tea alchemy with herbs, tea, and recipes from our Legacy Sponsor, Bloem & Moi


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SELF CARE special edition will be available in digital and audio.

The full digital and audio editions for $44. The audio-only edition is available for $28

SELF CARE... but not your white-washed, patriarchy-approved, bath salts, and latte kind of self-care. We're going deeper. We're going broader. We're going more inclusive. And, we're going more practical in this annual special issue of SOULACY

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Featuring the voices and wisdom of: Michelle Seijas, Ebonie Alchemy, Jo Hall, Toni Hench, Michelle Chalfant, Anniedi Essien, Sarah Knight, Allison Borstad, Marisa Raymond, Shawny Sena, Tonya Meléndez Gonzalez, Shari Teigman, Stacy Zeal, Athena Sayaka, Kate Woolsey, Monica Marie Jones, Leonie Dawson, Sally Anne Carroll, Laura Eigel, Ph.D., Nadia Ahrens, LICSW, Debbie Danon, Shari Broder, Dr. Marcuetta Sims, Marie Houlden, Lottie Reeves, Reka Robinson, Jennifer Major, Cheri Yazzie, and Jennifer Lancaster.

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind...?

Morning routines, meditation, yoga, green juices, long baths, and a favourite drink and a good book?


Those are great, especially the drink and a book.


But what about the specific things you need as a women, as a women in business, as a women out there in the world creating a legacy? What about the things that a long bath and a guided visualisation just can't shift?

That's what we're bringing you in our SELF CARE special this year. We're going deeper, broader, more-inclusive, and giving you practical and relevant approaches to the self-care practices, habits, and mindsets that will benefit you not just today, and not just tomorrow, but for your entire life. Because, building a legacy is hard work.


SELF CARE is available now as a pre-order. Order yours today & receive a special subscription offer for you or a friend + TWO AMAZING BONUSES.

So... who's writing for this issue? Have a look!


Michelle Seijas, Ed.D

Latina Leader

Michelle is a Thriving Chingona out to honor the generations before her and to liberate the generations to come.


Jo Hall

Intuitive Coach & Mentor

Creator of the 'E.A.S.E. Methodology,' Jo helps empower her clients to reconnect their heart, mind, body and soul on a holistic level


Michelle Chalfant

Licensed therapist, holistic life coach, author, speaker

With over 25 years of experience as a therapist and coach, Michelle created The Adult Chair® model to give individuals a roadmap for how to live as emotionally healthy adults.


Athena Sayaka

Personal Development Mentor

Podcast host + host of workshops and retreats that help marginalized folks liberate yourself, align your actions, and reclaim your power.

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 4.33.59 PM.png

Debbie Danon

Certified Integral Coach, Poet

Founder of ‘Debbie Danon – Time to Flourish’ and author of the blog Resistance & Flow. Certified Integral Coach, inclusive leadership facilitator and developmental poet based in London, UK.


Shari Broder

Certified life coach, mediator and arbitrator

She is the founder of the Weight Loss for Foodies group coaching program, and the creator of the Weight Loss for Foodies podcast and Youtube Channel.


Toni Hench

Energy Efficiency Coach

With a blend of practical systems and cutting edge biological science, she shows women how to sync their daily schedule with their mind, brain and body


Marisa Raymond

Playful parent coach, yoga teacher, &board-certified genetic counselor

She helps parents and children who feel mentally and physically EXHAUSTED from trying to do all.the.things.


Jennifer Lancaster

Creatrix, artist and Intuitive coach

She guides seekers of answers out of the 3D paradigm who are stuck in old ways, governed by fears, and afraid to express their true selves


Carrie Flanagan, MPH

Vitality Mentor

Passionate about wellness and empowering people to live in vitality, not health.


Marie Houlden

Intuitive Mindset Coach & Energy Healer

She will help you to banish negativity, self doubt and self sabotage and she’ll support you in believing in yourself again.


Monica Marie Jones

Personal and executive mindset coach and facilitator

She guides her clients through big breakthroughs in their careers, businesses, relationships, health and money. An expert in human development, behavior and mental health, her distinct process is proven and powerful.


Tonya Melendez Gonzalez

Practitioner of Science of Mind and Teacher, A Course in Miracles

Tonya is an internationally renowned psychic medium,   Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Speaker and Author.


Dr. Marcuetta Sims

Trauma-trained Licensed Psychologist

Founder of The Worth, Wisdom, and Wellness Center, that specializes in providing anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and faith-based treatment for Black women and women of color.


Jennifer Major

Holistic Organization & Productivity Specialist/Speaker

I help women business owners find freedom from chaos because I believe we all deserve clutter-free spaces and more time for naps and money.


Stacy Reed

Self-Care through Cannabis

On a mission to help as many women as possible (especially black women) incorporate cannabis into their self-care routines so that they can be less stressed, more zen, and keep kicking-ass in life!


Shawny Sena

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Shawny works exclusively with the LGBTQIA community helping kids, teens, adults, and families reconnect to their wild, imaginative, creative, brave selves.


Leonie Dawson

Coach, Author, Philanthropist

International best-selling author of her yearly goal planner workbooks, which have helped over 450,000 people worldwide set & achieve their life & business goals.


Sarah Knight

Holistic nutrition consultant

Passionately opposed to fad diets, Sarah helps entrepreneurial women get out of the tired-wired cycle and cultivate natural energy without relying on caffeine or sugar


Sally Anne Carroll

Life and career reinvention coach

She works with motivated professionals and entrepreneurs who crave, or are facing, significant changes in their life, business or career to reinvent their reality


Cheri Yazzie

Business strategist, Coach

A badass, plus size, indigenous woman who loves myself unapologetically! I am a quick to laugh, live out loud, wife and mother.


Reka Robinson

TV & Radio Personality

Howard University graduate who is on a mission to be a light for single women. Host of Single You the Podcast and the founder of Single You Academy


Allison Borstad

Life purpose coach and intuitive healer

She helps other spirit-led entrepreneurs step into their full power and potential.


Sankeetha Selvarajah, Esq

Managing Attorney CEO of STARTUP DOX

With more than a decade of legal and business consulting experience, she's passionate about creating better businesses by making law accessible to business owners.


Nadia Ahrens

Psychotherapist, coach, and spiritual mentor

A graduate of Columbia University, she's been practicing the art of healing, teaching, and mentoring women for over twenty years. 


Laura Eigel, Ph.D.

Founder of The Catch Group

The Catch Group works with entrepreneurs and c-suite leaders to lead with their values to create inclusive cultures through their authentic leadership with the Values First™ framework.


Ebonie Alchemy

Master coach and Artist

For more than a quarter of a century she has been empowering magic people to free themselves from invisible cages; flourish and thrive.