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Yearning for Connection

If there is one thing that we've learned in our first year of SOULACY is that people are yearning for connection, for community. People are tired of the fly-by likes that are meaningless, the surface-level comments in group postings, and the hit or miss nature of building a network online using social media.

This is why we're creating WAVEPOOL, an online community that is a COMMUNITY. Not just another FB group or membership, but a real community of women from around the world gathering to create waves in the world of entrepreneurship, in true SOULACY fashion as only SOULACY can.

Join us!


WAVEPOOL is an online community for entrepreneurs creating waves in the world. Brought to you by SOULACY, WAVEPOOL is hosted on, where the magazine comes to life on the community platform of the future. Join us today!

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