What Spring Teaches Us About Worrying and Self-Doubt

Written by Jo Hall

There’s definitely something magical about spring. It brings us hope. An awakening. As if all the constraints, darkness and worries of the past can be left behind as new growth, new opportunities and freedom emerge.

But what if you don’t feel full of hope and lightness? What if you’re caught up in a spiral of worrying and can’t seem to stop it? What if you are the consummate over-thinker, tying yourself in knots or holding yourself back with crippling self-doubt?

If you recognise yourself in these sentences, then you are just a few steps away from changing your life for the better; opening it up to momentum, growth and expansion, rather like spring itself.

It all begins with recognising your over-active mind is really not serving you well and having the desire to do something about it.

The next step is to get out of your head. This is the fun bit because it’s all about shifting your energy literally from your head and down into your body. So get moving!

Let your body flow, uninhibited and feel the release happening.

Movement not only allows you to connect with your body, it allows an energetic reconnection with your soul. And she speaks quietly. She’s waiting to be heard. She’s waiting to soothe your worries and doubts.

The incessant or negative chatter you hear in your head is just your ego wanting to be heard. It’s trying to keep you safe and so it loves to put the fear and doubt into your mind. Our ego isn’t expansive, it’s controlling and limited, but it is protective. So, recognise its loud voice and simply thank it for keeping you safe. Seriously, speak to your ego - Call it out! You might think it nuts, but try before you laugh. Thanking and acknowledging your ego magically seems to pacify it, allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful way of being.

These steps alone might be enough to dissipate your worries or negative chatter, but equally you might be called to take another step and go inward to a quieter state in which to tune into your intuition and listen to what your soul is whispering to you.

Full article available in the March/April 2021 issue.


Michelle is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY. 

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