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What Oprah and Michelle Obama Have to Say About Our Need for Community

I was listening to Oprah and Michelle Obama last night. They had me laughing. They had me crying. It was amazing. As you'd expect.

Michelle said something that really got me - because I know it to be true. She said, "People are hungry for community and connection."


And that is the exact reason why we're building a space for that. No hidden agenda. No programme, coaching method/practice or ideal being pushed. No thinly veiled ulterior motive to get you to do something else or take another step.

Just pure, honest to goodness, 100%...

- Community: We all need it; it takes a village, my friends - Connection: We are hungry for it, meaningfully - Collaboration: When we stand together, magic happens - Conversation: We need people to hear us and see us

Where you can be you, in all your glory, and have the support of a powerful network of entrepreneurs coming together making their mark in the world. Entrepreneurs who are powerful, ambitious, soulful, purposeful, focused, and real.

Gone are the days of surface-level connections and meaningless interactions. GONE.

Join us inside WAVEPOOL, our online community brought to you by SOULACY in true SOULACY fashion.

Opening the 18th, with early access to Founding Members on the 16th.

Just around the corner... Squeee!



WAVEPOOL is an online community for entrepreneurs creating waves in the world. Brought to you by SOULACY, WAVEPOOL is hosted on, where the magazine comes to life on the community platform of the future. Join us today!

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