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What Makes Coaching Sacred

Written by Annemiek van Helsdingen

You know what it means to surf the deeper currents of life. What if coaching can be grounded in the layers of the mystery, for consistent deep results with clients?

You know what it means to surf the deeper currents of life. You wouldn’t be part of this SOULACY Family without that.

In your personal life and on your spiritual path, you have met life’s reality: brutal, and at the same time delicious.

You probably have sat in ceremony or done ritual where you tasted the depths of creation.

And when it comes to your work, you may have noticed that the old coaching paradigm does not come within a million miles of that. It barely scratches the surface of what you know is possible for people who touch the layers of the mystery.

But it really doesn’t have to be that way, and I want you to know that.

Coaching can be done with deep reverence for the sacred impulses within your client’s deepest knowing. I’m talking about the kind of coaching that lets you be the midwife to the change that wants to happen from within.

At the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, we have helped 150+ coaches, healers, and therapists find what people often say was ‘the missing key:’ a proven and in-depth approach that makes consistent deep results possible.

Coaching that bathes in Yin energy - while your client is getting powerful and practical change done. Coaching that makes your heart and soul sing.

We would love for you to come and taste this magic in the *free* Masterclass Boundary Magic in Coaching that we are offering this month.

Because boundaries do so much more than keep things safe and effective.

They are what makes magic possible. Literally.

Want to add some more magic to your client work?

Come and join us.


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