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What can we accomplish together

It's Sunday. I'm working. In the office. Music is on LOUD. I'm half sat at my desk, and half in the middle of the floor dancing. I'm sweating. I'm creating pins. I'm writing blog posts. I'm singing. My desk chair is squeaking from the [excessive]chair-dancing. The whiteboard is full of all. the. ideas.

I'm also having thoughts about how much I've been selling recently. We had the MONEY pre-sale promotions and now we have the annual subscription special. We have pins and posts and stories and blog posts flooding the interwebs. And honestly, I'm having thoughts.

Why? Because we have a goal to meet. And it's one that I really want to meet. And I also 'feel like' maybe I'm selling too much.

But then I remember why I'm selling. Why we're promoting MONEY and SOULACY so much. Why we're doing everything that we can do to get SOULACY out to a broader audience. Why we offer affiliates. Why we run special. Why we email and post and write [and dance] all the time.

Because I am OBSESSED with how much we can accomplish together.

We all know how much more fun and enjoyable doing business with friends/biz besties can be. We've all had the joy of being a group programme and finding that one person that just sticks and becomes part of our every day. We all know the excitement that comes from networking with the right group of people or the insights that are sparked by something someone said online.

We all know.

And that is what we bring in each issue of SOULACY. The inspiration. The insights. The camaraderie. The wisdom. All of it.

So I'm left wondering...

What can we accomplish together. I mean, really. What can we accomplish.

Let's say we all come together, we all soak up the wisdom inside the pages of SOULACY each month and especially in our special editions, and we all go out in the world a bit more confident, a bit more comfortable, a bit more courageous and we spread that ish out of every pore. All that confidence, comfort, and courage radiates out of us and spreads into our families, our friends, our communities.

What could we do then?

I think you know, because I know. What we could do together is beyond our wildest imaginings.

And you know what? I want that for me. I want that for you. I want that for all of us. And I want that for everyone that comes after us.

I want it all, and I think so do you.

So, let's do this.

Here's how:

1) If you're already a subscriber to SOULACY...

a) Join our community and get even more of the SOULACY magic and camaraderie and purpose in your life, or

b) Buy a subscription for your biz besties

c) Share what you love about SOULACY with your audience + snag an affiliate link here to earn commissions for your promotions

d) Offer SOULACY for your programme, course members, mastermind, etc. Email me (editor at soulacymagazine dot com) to get the bulk pricing.

2) If you aren't already a subscription to SOULACY..

a) Subscribe today. Get an annual subscription and get our MONEY special for free

b) Join our community and get SOULACY as a member perk

{$name}, I want to find out what we can do together. Will you join me and see just how far we can take this??



Michelle Ireland is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY.

SOULACY is a monthly digital and print magazine for entrepreneurs. In each issue we bring entrepreneurs articles, stories, and inspiration to spark insights on generating more wealth, personal and business growth, aligned strategies, equity and diversity, entrepreneur wellness and mindset, leadership, creating a legacy, and more, written by a global network of women entrepreneurs.

Find out more, get a free issue, and subscribe at

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