Usain Bolt & Clarity

Clarity... This somewhat elusive pot of gold that we're always in search of and is often advertised as being a silver bullet to success. Have clarity in your brand identity, your messaging, your goals, and what success looks like for you, what you want in life, and a bit like magic, everything is supposed to come to pass just as planned.

Yet, clarity is this thing that can't be drawn up and decided in one journal entry or during one mastermind call or with one session with a coach. It is something that needs to be worked at, dreamt of, and visualised. And... it is something that needs to be precise. Simply stated: Your clarity needs to be crystal clear. {I used to groan when I heard that, so, if you just rolled your eyes or groaned, stay with me just a mo.)

With clarity we often say general things of wanting X, Y, and Z. And while that's certainly a step in the right direction, the power of clarity comes with precision. It needs to be something that you visualise with regularity and evokes a visceral response from you.

I was reminded of this fact when I saw an advert with Usain Bolt a few weeks ago.

He begins his statement with, "Dear Stranger, All my life my goal was to cross the finish line alone." This is a powerful statement. This is pretty clear. He obviously wanted to win his races. But he continues with even more precision. He proceeds to describe what that would look like for him. "... to look left and to look right and see no one."

And that right there is where the magic lies. When I heard that I imagined him dreaming and visualising that exact moment. The moment when he was within sight of the finish line and he would look to his left and look to his right and see no one next to him. It would be in that moment that he would know that he won that race. And that was the moment that he was dreaming of.

That precise image is what we all need. Suzy Ashworth spoke about precision and clarity of goals in her article in our MONEY special. She said that this level of precision is what she uses in her manifestation process.

It also reminds me of a quote from the movie, The Secret, which I saw for the first time the other week. In it, the mysterious, enlightened guy says to the family, [paraphrasing], "If you don't know what to ask for, how can you get it?"

And so this week, , I want to leave you with this reminder to spend some time dreaming about what it is EXACTLY that you want. Don't be afraid of it. Dream of it, visualise it, and then spend some time indulging in whatever it is. Really settle into the idea and begin to embody it. Don't rush through it (like I used to) as thought it's just another part of the planning process or something to tick off your list. Really breathe it in.

Because when you do, that's when the magic and power of clarity will start working for you. <pinky swear>


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