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Unfinished Business: What do past lives have to do with entrepreneurial success?

Written by Maria Antoniou

“Look down at your feet. Can you see your feet?”

“Yes… I’m not wearing any shoes.”

“Where are you?”

“Sitting by the fire, warming myself. I’m in a castle. The people are kind to me. They

let me in to get warm.”

“Where do you live?”

“I don’t have a home. I sleep here sometimes, by the fire. But most of the time I’m


“How do you survive?”

“I work on the bread stall. I help the woman. She gives me bread.”

“How did you come to live like this? Where’s your family?”

“I don’t know. This is just how it is.”

Vicky had booked a Past Life Regression (PLR) session out of curiosity. After a successful

corporate career, she was setting up in business as a personality profiler. At this early stage,

she was ‘throwing everything at it’, investing in personal development alongside business


At the start of our virtual session, Vicky had told me she struggled with self-belief. She

feared never moving beyond a certain income point in her business, never reaching the

success she envisioned.

As with all my PLR sessions, we set the intention to ‘see’ the root cause of this fear; to visit

the past life where it originated. When Vicky was ready, I led her into a light hypnotic state

and into a past life.

She began describing a life in rural France, many centuries ago. She was a young woman,

somehow separated from her family, relying on her wits and others’ kindness. Her past-life

self was resigned to this life– ‘it’s just how it is’. She didn’t believe things could change.

But I believe past life experiences can be rewritten. At an energetic level, time is not linear;

our past, present, and future do not in fact exist in a single, straight line. As such, we can

return to the past to rewrite it – just as we can endlessly envision, create and recreate our


As my clients have discovered, revising our past can be profoundly transformative – altering

the ways we perceive ourselves and our present life, and impacting our achievements.

I guided Vicky to re-imagine the story of this past life:

“Ok, let’s rewrite this situation. Do you have a home now?”


“Take me to your home and tell me what you see”

“It’s a little house and I just have a room here. It’s a small room, with just a bed and a

chair, but it’s mine. Oh, I’m so happy to have a home!”

“What else has changed?”

“I run the market stall now. The woman has retired and left the stall to me. I sell

flowers as well as bread. I can see the big sunflowers. They make me smile.”

“What are you wearing now?”

“A nice dress with a shawl. And I have shoes on. I’m doing really well!”

We did some further work to help Vicky anchor these new feelings of security and success,

to really feel them in her body, before I guided her back to a waking state.

When she was fully in the present, I gave Vicky time to reflect on her regression experience

and what it might mean for her current situation: “It started off really humble, but the growth I

saw in the past life was really just amazing. It made me realise that I am good enough and

that I can do it!”

Catching up with Vicky almost a year later, she told me: “I can still see and feel the life we

visited very clearly. It’s really, really helped me to be visible in my business. It’s helped me

know I’m worthy of where I want to be. It’s been instrumental over this past year. I’m really

showing up now.”

Another client, Nikki, had a similar experience with Past Life Regression. Nikki was a

General Practitioner-turned coach, about to sell her first online programme, but doubting

herself in this new professional direction and wondering if PLR could help.

Nikki says: “When you took me back, I was a Victorian woman based in a Northern English

town. I think it was Leeds. I was a seamstress and I had upset a client by making a mistake.

I had ruined the clothing I was working on. My employer was furious and decided to take

money from my pay each week. I had a debt to pay back, and it was impacting my family. I

had two children and a husband and I felt bad as I couldn’t provide for them because of this


I again guided Nikki to change the story, imagining a more empowering ending. In this

second part of the session, Nikki still saw herself making the mistake, but this time it was

easily rectified with her employer’s help. The client came to collect the clothing and was

pleased with her work. He even gave Nikki a tip, which she used to buy fish and chips for the

family on her way home.”

When I caught up with Nikki recently, she said: “The key realisation for me was that making

a mistake doesn’t mean I’m bad as a person. I felt a lot of guilt and shame from what had

happened, but I was then able to look at it differently. I saw that it was just a mistake and

there was nothing inherently wrong with me. I had my first successful launch following this

session, so something definitely shifted!”

I totally understand the scepticism some people hold about Past Life Regression. I even

wonder about it myself: Do clients really visit their past lives? Or do they just conjure up

stories, based on historical details they’ve heard or read about, or seen on TV?

However, I also think: if personal transformation takes place during PLR sessions – if the

client has important realisations about their life, shifts long-standing belief patterns and goes

on to achieve the success they seek – does it matter whether the story is ‘real’ or not?

I tend to agree with well-known past-life regressionist Dr. Brian Weiss who, in his book Same

Soul, Many Bodies (Piatkus, 2004), says : “Yes, metaphor and fantasy are possible, but

healing is the important part” [my emphasis].

Our human minds may well find it difficult to comprehend the notion of non-linear time or

believe we can visit and rewrite the story of other lifetimes. However, the results my clients

see are tangible. After a session, they tend to make changes quickly, moving full-speed

ahead towards their dreams with a new-found confidence and self-assurance.

It’s not simply a consequence of revisiting a past life though. During a PLR session, they

experience their multi-dimensionality, making a connection with their soul self. They gain

understanding of their own infinite nature and get a chance to hear to their own wisdom.

As they rewrite the past life story, they also realise their capacity to create change in their

present lives, to alter the things they don’t like and make things happen for themselves.

On a political level, PLR helps us recognise that the social systems, structures and

conditions which we live within – and contribute to perpetuating – during each lifetime, contribute to the personal self-doubts, ‘blocks’ and limitations we hold. This is especially true if clients have more than one session, experiencing themselves with different gender identities, skin colours, sexualities, levels of physical ability etc; living in different parts of the world, with

different levels of affluence, social privilege and opportunity.

With thanks to Vicky O’Farrell, Queen of Behaviours and Dr. Nikki Ramskill, The Female

Money Doctor


Originally published in Issue 1 · March/April 2021 · Spring Equinox issue of SOULACY.

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