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The Power of Reflection, Celebration, and Intention

I always feel this time of year comes with a mix of emotions. In some ways it is a sense that a New Year brings new hope, joy, and opportunity. A clean slate to start anew. In other ways, it is a time of reflection, sometimes with a sense of deja vu because another year has ended and your life is very similar to how it was this time last year. The big changes you had hoped for didn’t happen.

The truth is that it is rarely about the big changes. It’s those small, consistent steps that you continue to take towards the life you want to create and towards the person you want to be, that make all the difference.

Something I started doing a couple of years ago was to look through my diary for the year just ending to remind myself of all I have achieved. When we are so busy, it can be easy to forget just how much we do in the space of 12 months. Going through your diary is a great way to remind yourself of events, conversations, and experiences you’ve had that may have slipped your mind at this busy time of year.

If I am honest, I spend much of my time looking forward - planning, setting intentions, and wondering what the next 12 months will bring. Writing this piece has been a fabulous reminder to reflect on what has happened in 2022. Looking at what I would do differently, what there is to celebrate, and how much I have grown.

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Here are some of my achievements in 2022 –

I invested the most I’ve ever invested in myself with a high-performance coach (best investment I have ever made).

I hosted my tenth retreat.

I had my first collaboration experience

I became a resident writer for SOULACY.

I hosted my first Soul Connections event in London.

I witnessed the transformation of incredible clients.

I had a powerful download from The Universe and rebranded my business to share this with the world.

I had my best month financially in business.

I celebrated my 50th birthday (a year late because of lockdown).

I celebrated my daughter turning 18!

I took a month off social media.

These are all very exciting things.

However, it’s also important to look at the learnings from the year too.

Here are some of my learnings -

I doubted myself – A lot!

I added to my credit cards (money mindset work has been a big thing for me).

I’ve not looked after my body as I’d like to – late nights, too many glasses of wine, too much time in front of the screen.

I lost a friend to cancer.

I had my worst month in business.

My migraines increased and I suffered increased peri-menopausal symptoms.

These are also celebrations, celebration of the learnings these experiences have given me.

Year-end reflections are a great opportunity to think and feel how you want to live your life differently in the year to come.

What do you want to take with you and what can you release that is no longer serving you?

Some things that you may need to be released from your life: What’s no longer serving you may be emotions or limiting beliefs. It may be people in your life that aren’t supporting your personal growth, or you may have some unhealthy habits you’d like to break to feel better, happier, and more energised.

After a period of reflection, have a think about the intentions you’d like to set for the coming new year. Intentions are extremely powerful. More powerful than setting goals because an intention comes from every part of you. It’s as if every cell of your body is behind you, supporting you, and cheering you on.

Here are some of my intentions for 2023.

Prioritise my happiness.

Nurture my physical body more – early nights, less alcohol, less screen time.

Celebrate ALL my achievements.

Laugh and have fun more often.

Worry less – tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Spend more date nights with my husband.

Continue to insist my teenagers give me a hug at least once a day and tell them I love them.

I am sure there are many more intentions that will come as the year progresses, but this is a good start.

What are your intentions for 2023? What are you going to do differently? What steps are you going to take to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be?

So this time next year as you reflect on the last 12 months just passed, you can smile and celebrate all that you are and all that you’ve become.

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Anne-Louise Harbutt is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, helping soul-led women to stop questioning themselves, to come out of their heads and to confidently trust what is in their heart and soul that makes them feel SO expansive. Ready to trust yourself more? Head over to for lots of free resources.


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