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  • Anne-Louise Harbutt

The Greatest Leaders Never Stand Alone

At the time of writing this, I have just returned from spending a few days away on a retreat with other amazing, entrepreneurial women. I am buzzing!

To be in the space with women who ‘get it’ is such an amazingly fulfilling and gratifying experience.

To be with women who understand this soul-led entrepreneurial space, who understand how one minute you feel as if you can conquer the world and the next you want to throw up because your vision and mission feels so huge.

The Greatest Leaders Never Stand Alone by Anne-Louise Harbutt for SOULACY Magazine

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And I was reminded once again, of the importance of surrounding yourself with soul-aligned women when it comes to being a soulful leader.

Women who appreciate the roller coaster ride of emotions.

Women who know being visible and showing up every day takes courage and vulnerability.

Women who are ready to support you and hold the space for you to rise up.

And women haven’t exactly had the best reputation for that have they?

I went to an all-girls school between the ages of 11-16 and I didn’t enjoy it at all. The girls were vindictive and nasty. There was no joining together to support each other. Just sniggering, whispering, and strange looks that made me want to crawl into a corner and stay hidden.

And I know this behaviour still happens both in the corporate world and in the online space.

Women who from their own feelings of insecurity feel it necessary to belittle, lash out, and do whatever they can to stop women being the best version of themselves.

But somehow it’s different for soul-led women.

They want to help. They want to support. They want to see you succeed.

Soul-led women join together because they know that together they are on a mission to change the world.

They know there’s another way to be when it comes to running a business. They understand we can be even more successful when we support one another to step up and lead from our souls.

And it takes courage to do that.

 To share and believe in something that many don’t understand.

That many are fearful of. And in their fear and through that lack of understanding they lash out, put down and find fault.

And yet soul-led leaders rise up again and again.

When most would crumble, give up, and hide away, they find strength from within - strength from The Universe.

Despite their own fear and uncertainty, they show up again and again.

Because they know the difference they are here to make in the world is too important.

And being alone in leading their mission and truth is tough – really tough.

When we think about leadership, it can appear lonely.

The images that come to mind are the CEO at the top of business or the lone entrepreneur leading a team on their own.

Left on their own feeling the burden of responsibility to make the choices and decisions that are the best next steps for the business and all concerned.

However, the most successful leaders know they don’t have to do this all alone.

They know being supported by others makes them a better leader.

They understand they have their own areas of expertise.

Their own gifts. Their own zone of genius.

They also understand they have areas where they need to delegate. Where they need support. Where they can rely on others’ areas of expertise.

They know when it’s time they need to reach out.

When they need to lean on others who understand the call to leadership.

Those who are ready to listen.

To support and to give them the space to feel supported.

And this vulnerability doesn’t make them less of a leader, in fact it makes them a stronger, more empathic, more influential leader.

The more we support each other to lead.

Releasing the feeling that we are in competition - because no one can do what you do, in the way you do it, with your personality, style and energy - the more soul-led women will rise up and change the world.

Which is why if you are a soul-led entrepreneur who feels called to lead and inspire others, it is essential that you surround yourself with people who ‘get’ you.

People who when you call out for help, flock to support you.

People who listen, understand, and hold a space for you.

People who don’t see competition, only collaboration.

Who’s desire to see change in the world drives them to do more, to be more - just as they wish for others to do and be the same.

No longer being driven from fear and lack.

No more putting others down in order to raise themselves up.

Copying others’ ideas and words.

Pretending to be something they are not.

Which is all futile anyway.

Because when you are your true self.

When you speak from your heart and soul. Others always listen.

Those you are here to serve are naturally drawn to you.

When you trust you are leading from your true self, from your mission, not anyone else’s, you will naturally empower yourself and others.

The Greatest Leaders Never Stand Alone by Anne-Louise Harbutt for SOULACY Magazine

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So, remember the next time you are feeling overwhelmed or wondering why you have been chosen to share such a powerful message, questioning whether you are good enough, brave enough, and strong enough to do what you do - reach out to other soul-led women who understand exactly how you are feeling.

Connect with them. Have conversations. Share your vulnerability and emotions. Allow them to carry you with their collective energy until you find your own wings again.

As the American Writer, Mark Amend said, “Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

Anne-Louise Harbutt is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor, helping soul-led women to stop questioning themselves, to come out of their heads and to confidently trust what is in their heart and soul that makes them feel SO expansive. Ready to trust yourself more? Head over to for lots of free resources.


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