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The Duality of Anniversaries

SOULACY is celebrating a huge milestone, two years of being by our side as we make our dreams a reality. This is an incredible moment for Michelle, the team, and the community - I am so happy to be a piece of the picture that SOULACY has become!

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Inspired by SOULACY’s anniversary I have spent introspective time on what anniversaries mean to me and why I am hesitant to celebrate some of my own. I share these deeply personal moments with you to say that so many things in our world have a duality to them and it’s okay if anniversaries represent that for you, too.

Anniversaries are deeply happy and thankful times or depressing and heavy times for me. When I reflect on my hesitance around celebrating my milestone accomplishments it comes from a place of finding myself uncomfortable with the meaning of an anniversary. The dictionary defines an anniversary as the date on which an event took place in a previous year. It doesn’t however specify a happy or sad event or even mark the significance these moments can have on our lives.

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