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The Big Shift: Business in the Aquarian Age vs. the Piscean Age

Written by: Harriette Jackson

As we shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, a lot is changing, and very quickly. To give some context, an “age” typically lasts approximately 2160 years. We officially left the Piscean age in December 2020 and we’re flying into the Aquarian age with dizzying speed.

There is some argument as to the accuracy of our calendars and the exact start date of the Aquarian age, none of which is relevant to this article, so for arguments sake, we can acknowledge that 90% of the spiritual communities across the globe are in agreement that we are NOW in the Aquarian Age. My personal belief is that we entered the gestation period of the Aquarian Age in December 2012, and spent 8 years growing, evolving, and readying ourselves for the official birth of the Aquarian Age. But as with most births, i.e. babies, businesses, relationships, ideas etc., it hasn’t been the smoothest transition from the other side into our new reality.

So what has changed? And specifically, how is it impacting the way we show up to do business as spiritual Soul-led womxn?

  1. We’ve shifted from a ME vibe to a WE vibe

The Aquarian Age is all about the collective consciousness. Businesses that are selfishly motivated by personal gain are struggling and quickly collapsing, however those that are seeking to serve a higher purpose are finding flight beneath their wings and really taking off on that airy Aquarian vision of a better world. I use the word airy deliberately, not in the sense that it may be deemed as an ungrounded quality, but rather that air can act like a slip stream to take us quickly to new heights. It’s an element we can’t see or hold, but that doesn’t dilute its potency or ability to lift those of us who hold values and intentions aligned with the Aquarian way.

In fact, releasing ourselves from the need to have a tangible strategy is also a key facet of doing successful and impactful business in the Aquarian Age.

The WE vibe invites us to consider what impact our work has on the collective, beyond simply exchanging energies in order to impact lives and better our bank balances. What is the purpose of your business beyond your personal purpose?

Yes we’re all here on Soul missions to fulfil a personal Destiny, but what about the collective Destiny and the collective evolution? How does your business, your service, and how you show up in the world, impact that?

I’m noticing more and more the need to come back to the collective purpose. We’ve gone beyond having a “why” in business and letting that be the foundation of our motivation. That’s not enough. It’s not enough when you’re hanging on to the coattails of a winged beast you can’t see or touch, trusting it, and yourself, to fly into your next level. You need more than a “why”. The Aquarian Age of business asks you to have a philanthropic purpose beyond your personal purpose. THAT is a driving force the Universe can match and manifest with, in co-creation of your dreams and visions.

  1. Sales are DONE. Finished. Finito. Bye bye Felicia.

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, BUT, the way in which we pitch, make a sale, ask for the sale, even enter into the delivery of the thing we’ve sold, is changing - much to the dismay of many who honed their conscious business sales skill in the last few years. Hanging on to your perfect sales script, and using words like “investment” instead of “the price” just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore, honey. Consumers are seeing straight through that shit the same way we look through air… clear as day. Literally.

I’d like to think pushy sales strategies are mostly dead in the water anyway - the Piscean waters, that is - but of course remnants are still floundering like fish outta water, greeted with all kinds of ick and “no thanks”. Assuming most of our readers here aren’t hard core Patriarchal sales strategists who advocate FOMO, false scarcity, false discounting, fear tactics, clickbait, fantasy results, putting others down, false promises, and all the rest I can’t bring myself to think about it (shame yourself not, I’ve done all of these in my 15 years as a marketeer, you’re not a bad person), then let’s look at the more subtle nuances that are evolving in just the last few months since we entered the Aquarian Age.

Ask for the connection, not necessarily for the sale.

The Aquarian Age is all about connection, community, consciousness, collective vision, and collective evolution. The energies want to connect first. Remember the old “know, like, trust” rule from 10 years ago? It’s like that but at a higher vibration. When there is a genuine heartfelt interest in your potential client and a collaborative search for the solution they seek, THEN the sale is effortless, because that vibration is felt more viscerally than it was just last year. You don’t necessarily need to ask for the sale; the energy of the newly formed bonds after a conversation held with Aquarian consciousness is enough for the potential client to become a client without a direct call-to-action. Crazy right? Try it. Don’t be fooled though, if your intention is false, that will also be felt, and the sale unmade.

In the words of my two year old... “let’s do it”, is far more Aquarian than “I’ll send you the link”. See the subtle difference? One is collaborative, based on a mutually-shared goal and doesn’t even entertain the notion of a sale, whereas the other is firmly in the servitude of self and is a direct call to action linked to a sale. It’s Piscean.

Sell, not to make money, but as an extension of your Soul work.

You have a right and a responsibility to complete your Soul mission. Your Soul mission is essentially the job the Universe pays you to do - taking your personal human experience and using it to contribute to the personal human experience of another, perhaps many others. Selling is not optional. It is responsible. It is responsible to your Soul mission to sell every day. You are a business womxn. You are in the business of exchanging energies. You are not a charity. You are not expected to conjure money out of fresh air. You are not in the business of expecting people to miraculously find you. You are in the business of fulfilling your Soul purpose and your Destiny and creating a lasting legacy in this world.

If you’re not… then pray tell, why are you reading SOULACY?!

Selling the Aquarian way is fantastic - as long as you actually do it - daily. Thank you. You’re welcome.

  1. Collaboration over competition

Air gets through more than water. It doesn’t even need to seek collaboration, it just IS collaboration. Air effortlessly merges with everything, and gets IN to everything. It doesn’t fight for space, it doesn’t spoil or make a mess, it requires no clean up or containment. Air just IS everywhere.

Which begs the question. How are you showing up in your business? Are you everywhere? Are you actively seeking collaboration? Are you putting yourself in rooms and spaces? Are you breathing life into your communities and collaborations?

Or are you fiercely committed to keeping your head down and getting ahead of others in your own unique way? Sounds a little Piscean doesn’t it? Now you know what you know about Aquarian business.

Competition, call-out culture, and cancel culture has no place in Aquarian business. It simply doesn’t work. It encourages more divisiveness, more duality, more polarity and even requires more energetic investment on our part to use these techniques as marketing tools (yes it’s been done, and yes even I’ve done it) than our Aquarian counterpart, which is conscious collaboration and community. The former has a dense watery energy, the latter has a much lighter, far more freeing approach to abundant success.

Collaboration with other Aquarian businesses and business owners, participation in group programmes and masterminds with other Aquarian-thinking Souls, and focusing heavily on the bounty you breathe into your own communities, are keys to successful business in this new age.

  1. Pioneering Vision

Aquarius is the visionary & the pioneer. As a Priestess, one of the Priestess Laws I teach is the power of the pioneering presence of a Priestess. We’ve all benefited from the life-changing work of thousands of pioneers through the age of Pisces, but the age of Aquarius asks us ALL to be pioneers. To teach, serve, heal, create, deliver, and contribute in a way that is completely unique to us. This is where owning your Soul calling and stepping IN to your Soul calling becomes non-negotiable. You simply do not have a choice anymore. Trying to do anything else will yield frustrating results at best.

Only you have experienced your life through your eyes, your body, and your felt emotions. Only you perceive the world the way you do (sounds really simple, but sit with it for a second, no one else can possibly SEE the world you do, simply because they are not you, and have not had your experiences). Your personal human experience is your niche. It’s your brand. It’s the foundation of your Soul work.

The work you are meant to be doing in this world is simultaneously a continuation of your human experience, whilst using said experience to help fill the gaps in someone else’s experience. You have had, and are having, your human experience, because someone else in this world, likely many people, are literally depending on you and relying on you to have your exact experience, so you can share it with them. Herein lies the meaning of life. It goes way beyond business.

Here’s the key: Be fully you, and unapologetically you. Using your words, your insights, your personal understandings, your “Queendom Law” as I like to call it, your non-negotiables, your boundaries, and to NOT become a carbon copy of another person’s work, because that isn’t Soul work, that’s avoidance. It’s also way out of integrity, which you’ve probably guessed… isn’t very Aquarian. Stay in your own lane is my resounding advice; the lane that is true to you, and true to your Soul.

To be fully you requires a hell of a lot of trust and faith in yourself. Trust that your words are articulate enough, your knowledge is embodied enough, your understanding is deep enough, your experience is already MORE than enough… and beyond that, your logo / branding / website / products / services etc., are also more than enough, because they are an extension of you, in all your perfect imperfection.

A pioneer is not perfect, and she will fail many times. But she is fully committed to doing the Soul work, showing up for the Soul work, and being obedient to the calling of her Soul. That in and of itself is the work of a pioneer, especially in a world where so many are obedient to their egos and can barely hear the whispers of their Soul.

  1. Embrace your new energetic upgrades

You may or may not be aware, but over the course of last year, every single Soul on the Planet received various energetic upgrades, the most fundamental of which was the switching on and activation of the 10 energy bodies. This knowledge, awareness, and understanding has been articulated by many teachers all over the globe in their own unique way, but my personal downloads transpired into a 5 month online hybrid teaching programme and mastermind where I was joined by SOULACY’s very own, editor-in-chief, Michele Ireland!

In the first edition of SOULACY she very generously attributed the birth of this incredible magazine, in part, to the work she did inside that programme, thus “switching on” and upgrading her energetic bodies and spiritual wisdom. The product she has created here is a Divine example of doing business the Aquarian Way. I couldn’t be more proud and humbled!

Many women who joined that programme still maintain to this day that they “don’t know why [they] joined, [they] just felt called!”. Translation: Their energetic upgrade drew them into a container where they could really anchor it in and learn how to utilise it.

Your energetic upgrades, the ones you’ve had, and the ones that are still to come, will be fundamental tools in this new age of life and business. Do not skimp on the spiritual work, or the containers in which you expand both your spiritual and business knowledge. The spiritual & energetic work MUST go hand in hand with the practical & strategic work.

The Aquarian Age asks us to have a foot in both worlds at the same time. One firmly planted in the practical, and the other in the spiritual. Aquarian businesses and Aquarian business womxn are forming the bridge between the old way and the new way. We are pulling two worlds together so they may collide and become fully embodied, thus leaving duality and polarity in the past, and embracing a whole new era of Unity, Oneness, and Heaven on Earth.

Naturally, the extension of my Soul, these words, and this article, will continue into two hybrid containers I’ve created for female entrepreneurs; SourceMind and Quantum - both designed to elevate spiritual and business knowledge in the new Aquarian Way.

My final thoughts on the Big Switch:

Prepare to release everything you once “knew,” and give yourself full permission to embrace the unknown. The script is being flipped. It’s all changing. This is just the beginning, but by embracing these five tools and acting on them, you’ll be embodying what Source is asking of you.

Step up my fellow comrade. The time is NOW.

My love always



Originally published in Issue 2 · April/May 2021 issue of SOULACY.

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