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Self Concept: The Key to Manifestation

Self Concept: The Key to Manifestation by Gigi Bier for SOULACY Magazine

Self-concept is that thing that will make or break your ability to manifest a new life. I’m not talking about manifesting an opportunity, money, whatever. I’m talking about manifesting something lasting—a legacy if you will.

While interviewing people for my business rebrand, I noticed that 99% of them shared the same thing:

They felt that the mindset/manifestation experts are gatekeeping important aspects of manifestation. As part of that group, it got me thinking about what this thing was. It got me to self-concept—and this is why I’m writing this post: there is no gatekeeping on my side of the street.

"If you want something different, you need to become something different"

Self-concept is what you believe to be true about yourself, with your conscious and unconscious mind. In this day and age, we all know the right things to say. But are they true, or just what you think is what you should say?

When we get into this kind of deep work—which, in reality, is the first work you should do in your mindset journey—you’ll start to notice that part of what you see as your identity, your self-concept, are things that are holding you back, or that are in contradiction with your newfound goals.

I love the quote above because it shows that if you want to live in a new reality, you must first change your inner world. We should always start with the self-concept.

Defining Your Self Concept - the old and the new

The first step in this journey is to define your current self-concept: what do you believe to be true about yourself? 

What are things about you that you see as part of your identity? As part of the fabric of who you are?

What are the things that anchor you into yourself?

When doing this work, we must always exercise radical honesty. This is not a time to say the right things. This is the moment to really face the beauty and the ugliness of being human. Of our own humanity. 

Once you get clear with the present self, which we will call the old self, we pay attention to our “next level self.”

When you think about one main goal you want to manifest in the next 12 months, picture the version of you that already has accomplished it. Tap into this “next level self” self-concept. This is the starting point of developing a new self-concept.

Creating Your Blueprint

Now that you have the clarity on your old self and your next level self, you have the tools to create a blueprint of change. Outline the differences between your old self and next level self and map it out into actionable steps so you can become this next level person.

Make sure you’re not adding too many changes all at once, slow and steady wins the race in this case.

Following this framework you can easily identify the places that healing is needed, and the intentional action you must take to really live out the life of your dreams today!

Change, after all, starts from the inside out.

If you are looking for help in this process, you can book a Focus Session with me to support you with that.

If you’re more in a DIY stage, check the Habit Tracker to track the actions you must take to become your Next Level Self.


TLDR: Unlock the power of manifestation by transforming your self-concept. Understand that real change starts from within, requiring a deep dive into your current identity and beliefs. By defining your present self and envisioning your 'next level self,' you can create a blueprint for change, mapping out actionable steps towards achieving your goals and manifesting your desired reality.


Gigi Bier is a Money Mindset Coach and Profit First Strategist who helps entrepreneurs do better in business in life by creating money systems and developing a mindset that supports their vision and mission. You can connect with Gigi on Instagram and Tiktok @gigibier or subscribe to her newsletter to receive weekly inspiration, stories, and musings



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