Resting & Killing the Hustle

I was supposed to be back 'at it' yesterday after taking a much needed rest from the glorious momentum of the first issue going out.

However, in true fashion, my 4-day rest was really a 2-day rest. Which left me feeling even more depleted, if that was possible. (Hint: Do not surround yourself with energy-sucking people when you're meant to be resting. I swear, it is like the effects are two-fold.)

Then yesterday when I was supposed to be back at 100% and diving in, the day was wrought with interruptions, delays, and plot twists so I never got settled into work.

Today was booked solid. Interviews for Chat & A Cuppa, meetings for this and that, knocking things off the task list.

But I woke feeling like crap and just couldn't summon the energy for any of it.

I cancelled EVERYTHING. Which felt shitty and I had so much guilt and even a bit of shame, but I kept reminding myself that I needed to give myself grace and space. (Thank you, Sedruola)

And it worked. I ended up sloooowly settling into things and getting so much done, all while doing it without pressure or stress or because "I have to."

The hustle mentality dies a hard death, and it doesn't feel good in the process, but when you listen to your body and follow what you're feeling, your energy will realign and things will come together exactly as they should.


Michelle is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY. 

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