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Reconnecting with Your Magical Mojo and Loving Life Again

These last few years been a trying time for so many people. And the new “normal” means we may not have even noticed that our overall spark for life has gently faded away. We’re safe, comfortable, and feel it’s wrong to complain when so many people have it worse off than us. But it can also be the warning signs that we are disconnecting from our truth, our mojo, and believing the new normal as the life we must accept.

It can feel selfish to be chasing our sparkle, our light, even a bit indulgent. But it’s even more important than ever that we go on a journey to reconnect with our mojo, our spirit, our inner-wise, our intuition, or whatever we wish to call it because when we shine our light brightly, we help the people around us to shine theirs.

5 tips for Reconnecting with Your Magical Mojo and Loving Life Again

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And so you may start with a quick internet search to help you begin your journey. What you’ll most likely find are the usual suspects: self-care, a new hobby, getting out of your comfort zone, and similar. But when things just aren’t feeling right, those suggestions often aren’t what you need because they’re missing a fundamental point.

You need to reconnect with “who you are” before you can find your mojo again. So, we’ll begin there. Here are five steps that can take you on your journey to reconnecting with your magical mojo so you can shine your light brightly;

  1. Reconnect with who you are using personality tests. – Okay, full disclaimer: I wrote a book on this so may have a slight bias, but those tests - whether the fun ones or the more complex psychological ones, all help us to remember aspects of ourselves we may have forgotten. For example, you know you are an introvert and need to recharge your batteries by spending time alone, but the pressures of everyday life have you feeling guilty for taking time for yourself and obliged to constantly be there for others. With a reminder from a personality test you can reaffirm your boundaries and create the space that you need to rest and recharge.

  2. Identify what gives you energy and what drains you of energy. We all know ‘those people’ who are energy drains, essentially the energy vampires in our lives, and then there’s those who make us feel full of life. We know to try to avoid or limit time with the former and spend more time with the latter. But did you know that the same applies to tasks and environments? Yes! Just like the people around us, what we’re doing and where we’re doing it can drain or fill us. Do an energy audit to identify what has you feeling all lit up inside and what’s leaving you feeling depleted. It’s one of the quickest ways to reconnect with your mojo.

  3. Personal self-care - Knowing your personality preferences and your energy gains and drains means you can now identify what self-care looks like for you. It is different for each person and when in different phases of your life. What’s okay for one isn’t for another. Find what’s right for you and then do it. Sounds simple, yes, but that last bit is crucial. We can all plan and make vision boards and have the best of intentions, but actually following through is where we can often fall short. So start simple. Add in one to two things into your days to make you feel rested and amazing.

  4. Look for magic and wonder - When was the last time you stopped to literally smell the roses? To pause and view a sunrise or sunset, to marvel at the iridescent wings of a butterfly or to just watch the joy on others' faces as they laugh with friends. Look for the little things each day and revel in them. Take snapshots - actual or mental - of them or jot them down in a journal. Love the little things in life again and find the wonder in everyday spaces and placed.

  5. Listen to your gut instinct – Your inner-wise is telling you exactly what you need. Our modern world has taught us to suppress this intuitive sense in ourselves. To ignore the gut feeling, the hunch, the random thing that pops in your head that makes you take a different route or try something different on a menu. We all have the answers inside us, if only we will listen. So, slow down and listen. Really listen to that immediate and visceral response. It will guide you back to your true path.

5 tips for Reconnecting with Your Magical Mojo and Loving Life Again

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Our mojo dances to its own unique tune that we need to learn how to waltz with. Doing these five steps on a regular basis, at the beginning of each month or the new or full moon, for example, will make it easier to reconnect and it will become second nature, so that when we aren’t feeling right with the world, we can soon feel right with ourselves.

Haulwen Nicholas is the author of The Book of Personality Tests available at all good bookstores. She is the Magical Mojo Coach ( and runs the Magical Mojo Academy – Life coaching with a hint of witchery. A qualified Myers Briggs practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Timeline Therapy TM practitioner, she has a passion for helping introverts to reconnect with their mojo to make their dreams come to life.


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