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People Will Pay for Community + Connection

It used to be said that people don't make buying decisions for masterminds or group programmes based on the community aspect or the connections they'll be making. Even though that it what they liked most about those very same programmes and masterminds.

And when we heard this a few years ago we could kind of see that.

But now, things have done a complete 180. When we're talking to people, the number one thing they're looking for is the community and connection.

This is why we've created WAVEPOOL.

It's an online gathering place, NOT on the socials, where entrepreneurs can get together to build their community and make the meaningful connections that make their life and business so much better.


WAVEPOOL is an online community for entrepreneurs creating waves in the world. Brought to you by SOULACY, WAVEPOOL is hosted on, where the magazine comes to life on the community platform of the future. Join us today!

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