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New Year, New You? That's so last year. Here's why...

Now that the confetti has been thrown away and work has gotten back to normal - how are you settling into 2024? Statistics show that roughly 30% of people who make resolutions drop them after a month. This is a big stressor so often for business owners as well - Q1 is when we turn those resolutions into plans right?!

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However, given that new year’s resolutions are so often left on vision boards in a closet or as wishes leftover from the holidays, they aren’t a good foundation for creating your business’s strategic plan for the year.

Now I am not an advocate against hopes and dreams or wanting to be a better person, but the best laid plans have a goal AND real steps to be taken to achieve that goal. I am sure you have goals and dreams for yourself and your business over the next year, so how do you translate those into a strategic plan?

When I work with clients we start with dreams. Your business loses luster and direction if you don’t have goals for the future. Let’s take goals to another level and use your answers to define your goals for your business and how it intersects with your life.


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Rachel Pereyra is an operations consultant and agency founder who helps small businesses and non-profits scale more sustainably. You can join the newsletter, listen to the podcast, and connect on social from 


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