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Moon Marketing

Cosmic Alignment in 2023 with Moon Marketing

They say that being in business is the most challenging personal development journey there is…

And I would agree.

Not only do you have to deal with the mechanics of building and growing your business, but you also have all the personal and professional ups and downs that come with it. With that, it’s easy to be thrown into a world where all your insecurities, doubts, and judgements rise to the surface for you to face head-on, knowing full well, if we don’t, our businesses will suffer. Add to that the pressure of hustle culture and it’s obvious where that saying comes from.

Hustle culture… That outdated patriarchal conditioning has led to many entrepreneurs neglecting their own needs as they push themselves too hard to do it all.

We’ve been fed the idea of what success looks like, and what we SHOULD be doing in order to achieve it - to the detriment of our own growth. Getting caught up in society's definitions has led to the disconnect from our intuition, while we chase the latest trend or plug-and-play strategy that’s worked for someone else.

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Many have become misaligned.

Luckily things are starting to change and societal rules are being broken. People are starting to see the value of infusing self-care into their businesses and looking for alternative ways that they can create the change they want in the world AND fulfil their soul purpose at the same time [toss confetti].

The past three years have definitely challenged us, but they have also given us plenty to reflect on and as a result we’ve been able to reconnect back in with ourselves and with our mission.

One of the ways I’ve found that helps strike harmony in both your personal life and your business, is through cosmic consciousness - specifically, Moon Marketing.

Moon Marketing has been a game changer for me over the past few years and in 2023 I can see it being a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to embrace.

But before you start working with the moon, it’s important to understand the three main components that I believe every conscious and soul-led entrepreneur should have in place:

  1. A strong connection with your essence. Without coming back to the truth of who you are, it’s easy to get lost along the way. Reclaiming your power is essential if you are to make a difference in the world - because nobody other than you has your experience, and nobody but you can share your message. And to do this you need to know who you are and what you stand for.

  2. An understanding of your purpose. This goes beyond the feeling of happiness, and embodies all of your passions and how you can bring them to the world for the greater good. Having clarity around your purpose means alignment is easier to maintain - but this doesn’t always have to be ease and flow. Challenges can also be part of your alignment; divinely orchestrated events that lead to your soul growth. Having an awareness of your purpose helps you to stay on track, because there’s nothing worse than losing your way and feeling as if something is missing.

  3. A great relationship with your business. Your business is an embodiment of you, so it goes without saying that there needs to be some sort of spark. When your business is aligned with you, it conveys to your audience who you are and what you’re here to do - when your essence and purpose runs through its veins, the passion is kept alive and abundance flows.

And yes, you can totally go on a self-discovery journey to learn all these things. But what happens after that? How do you maintain consistency?

You do it with Moon Marketing.

For years the moon has been used to strategise and measure time, and because of its reliable and constant cycles it makes sense that it’s the perfect cosmic companion for entrepreneurs.

So how does it work?

There’s eight phases in the lunar cycle, and each one of them has a particular energy to work with. I’ve summarised each phase below:

Phase 1 - New Moon. Contrary to common guidance, this is NOT the time to be setting intentions. This is when the moon is in its dark phase and starting a new cycle, which means it’s the time to pause and reflect - the lack of light gives you an opportunity to listen to your intuition. Adjust to the new cycle and new energies that the New Moon brings and allow yourself to receive new ideas and plans for the coming month.

Phase 2 - Waxing Crescent. Clarity starts to get stronger as the slither of light appears in the sky, and you’re able to look at your ideas and intuitively feel into which one feels more aligned to work with in your business. THIS is when you set your intention and formulate a plan.

Phase 3 - First Quarter. Energy is increasing and inspired action taking is starting to build momentum. Allow yourself to continue being guided by your intuition as you work on your to-do list and get things done.

Phase 4 - Waxing Gibbous. Things are starting to come together and it’s easier to see what’s working (or not). Use this moment to edit and refine your plans - tweak your ideas, reschedule tasks if necessary, seek out extra information if needed.

Phase 5 - Full Moon. The sky is lit up and you’re in the spotlight. This is a perfect time to be launching an offer (or leading up to it) - visibility is everything so be more present online. You want to also be showcasing yourself so share stories and experiences that show your authority and expertise.

Phase 6 - Waning Gibbous. The energy is still high so use this vibration to spread love to your audience - give back with free training, extra bonuses, extended payment plans, or a live Q+A. The light of the moon is also bringing extra information to the surface, so tie up loose ends on unfinished tasks.

Phase 7 - Third Quarter. Energy levels start to decrease as the light dims, so you may be feeling a whole heap of emotions. Use this time to clear your energy before the next cycle begins - have a physical declutter of your environment and release what’s risen internally through journaling and forgiveness rituals.

Phase 8 - Waning Crescent. The final stage of the cycle, where the darkness is starting to descend further. Self-care is essential right now, so lean into taking time out and surrendering to the extra opportunities that the Universe may bring your way.

Rinse and repeat.

What makes this such a powerful strategy to use is the fact that it harmonises both your feminine AND masculine energies. You’re leading with intuition, but also bringing in logic. You’re taking action, but also nurturing your own needs.

The extra beauty of this method is the fact that each month the New Moon resides in a different zodiac - meaning you have a general theme to work with. Regardless of what your personal ‘star sign’ is, you get to experience the full spectrum of them through the year - this works for both you AND your business.

For example: The month of January is primarily Capricorn, so goal setting and creating your long-term vision is the cosmic vibration for which you can use for inspiration. This may help for the intentions you want to set for the month, how you show up day-to-day, and even your social media content.

Of course consistency is the key to growth, and I know it’s easy to fall in and out of this because life happens and we never know what random plot twist is going to be thrown our way. But the grace of Moon Marketing is that you can easily jump back in without a whole heap of overthinking.

2023 has so much potential and anything is possible. I urge you to listen to your heart and follow your desires - when you stay cosmically aligned, you can literally have it all.

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Dawn is an Astrologer and Consciousness Coach, who helps modern mystics create an aligned AF business. You can keep up to date with all the cosmic gossip by following her on Facebook or visiting


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