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Meet Dominique Mullally

In today's SOULACY Spotlight we're getting to know a bit more about Dominique, featured writer in our MONEY special edition.

Let's jump right in...

Who/What are you watching or listening to right now? What has you interested in them/it?

Steven Bartlett founder of Social Chain. His story and accomplishments at 28 are inspiring!

How to do you spend your free time?

Cooking/eating and usually, lots of travelling pre-Covid

What was your first business and why did you start it?

My first business was my financial advisory business. I started it because I wanted be an advocate for females in the financial services and offer greater, more simplified approach to wealth creation for women. The financial services industry is traditionally a patriarchal industry so I wanted to break norms and help other women do the same

What book changed or greatly influenced your life and why?

How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself - Dr Joe Dispenza. It gave a true scientific insight into universal laws and how to break patterns that kept me stuck for most of my life up until that point.

What is your favourite quote? Why?

"How you do anything is how you do everything" - T Harv Ecker. It optimises that your mindset and actions in one area are replicated in other areas. Our mindset and habits are not mutually exclusive. How you apply yourself in one area of your life is how you apply yourself in all areas of your life so it is important to pay attention to your habits and patterns.

What's the scariest thing you've ever done in your business?

Invest in a business coach but I did my due diligence to ensure I had the right person to work with and it 4xd my business.

What has been the biggest mindset shift you've had since you started your business(es)?

Learning to trust myself more than I put my trust in others. At the end of the day all the answers I seek are within me and I do not need validation from external sources regarding whether a decision is right for me or my business.

What excites you right now - outside of your business?

Being able to travel again soon and explore new parts of the world. 2020 was the year I turned 40 and so was supposed to be my year of yes. That is saying yes to travel alone to remote parts of the world and to doing things that scary the life out of me but force me to grow.

What is the legacy that you're creating?

A ripple effect around female financial empowerment and ensuring that women can create financial independence for themselves and their families using their business and have wealth to give value to those things that matter most to them.

Favourite time of year? Why?

Summer! I grew up in Australia so I love the sun, sea and sand. The warm sun and blue skies always puts a smile on my face even if sometimes I have to travel outside of the UK to get it.

Who/What's making you belly laugh right now?

Dodo videos on IG. I am a massive animal lover and with the weight of the world right as it stands, I take pleasure in watching animals and their crazy characters and loveable nature doing silly things!

What big, wonderful, cannot-wait-until-it-happens goal are you working toward or dreaming of right now?

Buying a holiday home in another part of the world, a very sunny part!

When overwhelm creeps in, what is your go-to solution to moving beyond it?

Take a break, step away, do a brain dump of all the tasks I have to complete and reprioritise those that only I can do and outsource or park where needed.

Best business advice you've ever received? Did you follow it when you first heard it? Tell us about it...

Stay in your own lane. It's hard and sometimes I can still get distracted by the online space but knowing your value and what you bring to the table gives you the confidence and conviction to not veer off course from your big vision and the dreams and desires you hold for your life and your business. Success is very personal and each of us have a different measure of what that looks like.

What do you have going on in your business or coming up soon?

I have an opening for the Women of Wealth Accelerator which is a 6 month mastermind for 6 figure entrepreneurs who are wanting to take their business and wealth to that next level and start creating a real pathway to financial independence.


Read Dominique's article, 'Financial Empowerment is the New Feminism' inside our MONEY special edition.

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