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Meet Belinda Rosenblum

In today's SOULACY Spotlight we're getting to know a bit more about Belinda, featured writer in our MONEY special edition.

Let's jump right in...

Who/What are you watching or listening to right now? What has you interested in them/it?

I’m watching “Emily in Paris,” “Ted Lasso,” and, as always, “Shark Tank.”

Here’s why…* “Emily in Paris” is cute and funny with some good marketing tips along the way. The occasional zinger makes us laugh out loud -- which is always a welcome way to end the day.*

“Ted Lasso” is a caring and consistently positive coach, inspiring everyone he comes into contact with to step outside their comfort zone and be the best genuine person they can be. *

“Shark Tank” has been a favorite for years! My husband Marc and I love the initiative of these aspiring entrepreneurs and love guessing how the deals will go. Plus any show that highlights the need to understand your numbers and especially profits is a winner!

How to do you spend your free time?

I enjoy fun outdoor adventures and crafts with our children (six and eight years old). Date nights out and backgammon or Rummy 500 in with my husband -- even though we work together in the business, 1x1 connection time together is key. And on my own, you’ll find me riding my Peloton or outdoor bike every day and going out with friends for great food or self-care (or both)!

What was your first business and why did you start it?

I didn’t officially start a “business” until 2007 when I founded “Own Your Money.” I started it with a big mission (and super skeptical family and friends): To inspire ownership and action for financial success to open doors and create a truly rich life for women.

Looking back, even my starter jobs growing up were mini-businesses too! I was the office manager for my neighbor’s local alarm company and saw the power of monthly recurring revenue. During the summers, I was a swim instructor and then pool director, where I found I enjoyed managing others better than lifeguarding personally (training to be a CEO early on!) and saw how much more I could make in group lessons instead of private lessons. (Why earn $25 for one lesson when I could earn $15 for each child and serve 4-6 kids so I’d make $60-90 for the same lesson time?)

What book changed or greatly influenced your life and why?

* First was “The Soul of Money," where Lynn Twist opened my eyes to the lie of scarcity that we were indoctrinated too and what was really possible when we changed our relationship to and with money.

* Second was Gay Hendricks’s “The Big Leap.” I was in a significant period of possible expansion but I could feel myself pulling back and shrinking. This book highlighted my default behaviors and helped me make the quantum leaps possible in years 3-5 of my business.

* Third, and most recently, was Rachel Rodgers’s “We Should all be Millionaires.” It validated why I am so passionate about making female millionaires and how we can each truly own being a “rich woman” -- rich in financial resources yes, but also with our time, energy, peace, power, and joy.

What is your favourite quote? Why?

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all of your thoughts break their bonds. Your mind transcends limitations; your consciousness expands in every direction; and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” ~Patanjali

What's the scariest thing you've ever done in your business?

Oooh this is a great question.I put behind my $300k+ business to essentially create a new business in the online world. Over the previous four years, I had built my business with me as the center -- keynote speeches, a TV show, coaching, etc. After I got married in 2011 at 39, and was still committed to having children and creating a family, I realized that something had to change. So in 2012, I instead created a leverage business… I created three 5-week digital courses and published my book “Self-Worth To Net Worth." (Spoiler: by December, at Date With Destiny By Tony Robbins, I found out I was in fact pregnant with our first baby!)

Most recently in 2019, I got tired of telling professionals to make more or spend less and leaned into the huge opportunity I saw to empower entrepreneurs to make their unlimited amounts of money. So we shifted our entire business from personal finance to business finance, and have fully embraced the move to create thousands of Cash Flow CEOs.

What has been the biggest mindset shift you've had since you started your business(es)?

The less I work, the more I make. For years, I equated the amount of effort I put in with how much money I deserved to make. Once I could separate my worth from my work, I could take everything less personally and actually enjoy more leveraged streams of income.

What excites you right now - outside of your business?

Being intentional about how I spend my year -- so I am setting a big “misogi” goal, adventures every 2 months, quarterly new habits, and daily “vitamins” of self-care. Once things open up again, traveling will be on the top of my list for new adventures!

What is the legacy that you're creating?

To empower women to feel worthy and safe with money -- so they both support and be present with their families but also create a new legacy of generational wealth and a positive relationship with money.

Favourite time of year? Why?

I love the summer - beaches, pools and the best time of year for seafood (lobster rolls are my fave!)

Who/What's making you belly laugh right now?

Our kids and my husband -- the sillier the better!

What big, wonderful, cannot-wait-until-it-happens goal are you working toward or dreaming of right now?

Creating a new website that I am so proud to share with the world!

When overwhelm creeps in, what is your go-to solution to moving beyond it?

I find overwhelm creeps up on me when I mistakenly assume “all the things” have to be done immediately. So I brain dump what “all the things” really means, then I compartmentalize into projects, prioritize, and assign the items with timelines or to my team. Oh and breathing deeply and getting fresh air always helps too!

Best business advice you've ever received? Did you follow it when you first heard it? Tell us about it...

Go for it -- learn from the past but don’t get stuck in it. Everything you truly want is outside of your comfort zone so step through the fear. Ironic that now I support women to turn their financial fears into powerful profitable action.

What do you have going on in your business or coming up soon?

Launch of our upleveled Cash Flow CEO Program in March and appearing on several exciting podcasts.


Read Belinda's article, 'Healing Money Shame & Stepping Into Your Worthiness,' inside our MONEY special edition.

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