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Meet Anne-Louise Harbutt

Let's get to know, Anne-Louise Harbutt, in this week's SOULACY Spotlight

Anne-Louise is an Intuitive Spiritual Mentor and host of The Intuitive Listening Podcast. She helps soul-led women to deepen the trust in themselves and what's their heart and soul that makes them feel expansive, so they stop procrastinating, comparing themselves to others, and have the impact and success they desire.

Let's jump right in...

Who/What are you watching or listening to right now? What has you interested in them/it?

I love following inspirational women who are stepping out of their comfort zone every day to have the impact on the world they desire. I am listening to The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I've listened to it many times and always learn new things.

How to do you spend your free time?

Meditating, journalling and when I can get them to sit for long enough, with my husband and two teenagers.

What was your first business and why did you start it?

The business I have now is my first and only business I have ever had. I started it because I had discovered whilst working with a coach, that the confident person that I thought I was, was actually a facade and I didn't have any connection with who I really was, I didn't love myself and I didn't believe I was enough.

What book changed or greatly influenced your life and why?

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Suddenly realising that how we physically felt was a direct result of the emotions we carried in our body was fascinating to me. Also how powerful the mind was to change this dis-ease to ease.

What is your favourite quote? Why?

"I refuse to run and hide from my Soul's calling no matter how difficult, scary or extraordinary it may be, I step up and accept my destiny." Because sometimes we are called to share a message and live a life that is totally different to the one we had planned. We show up and we are visible each and every day because our why and the impact matters so much. It comes from deep within our Soul, there is no choice. Even though our fear and limiting beliefs feel loud and strong, we keep going.

What's the scariest thing you've ever done in your business?

Invested in myself when we couldn't pay the mortgage!

What has been the biggest mindset shift you've had since you started your business(es)?

That fear never goes away, it doesn't matter how successful you get, you just have to move through it and do the thing.

What excites you right now - outside of your business?

Watching my teenagers become adults and share in their excitement for their life ahead.

What is the legacy that you're creating?

For women to stop feeling disconnected from themselves. To stop absorbing the limitations of comparison every single day, constantly thinking they should be someone they are not, under an expectation to be perfect.Even though that is not a requirement for anybody or anything.To trust themselves to make big decisions, particularly when it comes to their life and business and to trust The Universe supports them.So these inspirational women step up to the level of female leadership they are capable of and impact change in the world in their unique way.

Favourite time of year? Why?

Summer because I love the sunshine and the warmth and because the kids are at home. It just feels more relaxed somehow.

Who/What's making you belly laugh right now?

I know this sounds a bit corny but being with my family, my teenagers make me laugh so much!

What big, wonderful, cannot-wait-until-it-happens goal are you working toward or dreaming of right now?

An extension on my home. I have it all planned out in my head.

When overwhelm creeps in, what is your go-to solution to moving beyond it?

Put on my favourite playlist and get up and move. And then journal it out.

Best business advice you've ever received? Did you follow it when you first heard it? Tell us about it...

Don't worry what other people think of you. I didn't follow it at first, no. But I worry less and less now.

What do you have going on in your business or coming up soon?

At the end of this month I am running a group experience called Soulful Magnesium to unlock the magic within you, so your DMs are overflowing with your soul mate clients wanting to work with you.

Next month I am hosting an in person event with another amazing coach called Momentum which is to re-frame the negative noise, release what’s really holding you back so you find the courage and confidence to action your path to success.

What's the best way for people to spend more time with you and learn more about what you have going on?

Find me here. I'd love to connect.


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