Marketing the Soul Led Way

Written by Katie Johns

I am an Intuitive Marketing Mentor & Strategist and I help conscious changemakers create their own unique soul-led marketing strategy. Because I believe there is another way to do marketing and business - one that feels aligned, authentic, joyful, and full of ease. One that creates natural attraction and genuine connections. Not sleazy, pushy, salesy, manipulative, must be everywhere, or any of the other ways we have been led to believe we have to do it.

Because this is about marketing your business in a different way, a soul led way, and listening to your own intuition and nudges is a big part of that.

It’s about being fully connected to who you are and being the real you.

It’s about being true to your passion and purpose and doing marketing in a way that feels right for you and most importantly of all, trusting in yourself enough to own all of that. This isn’t about following somebody else’s blueprint, their ‘make a million’ overnight method, or whatever else has worked for others.

This is about creating YOUR own Soul Led Marketing Strategy.

And despite how it might sound, it’s not all mystical woo woo. And it’s certainly not just sitting back in a zen state, journaling and waiting for inspiration to hit and clients to flood in.

There is action, strategy, clarity and vision, and all that important stuff you need to do to market your business. The difference is, it’s the kind you actually need because it’s aligned and authentic to you, not because someone else told you to do it.

This way of marketing is not all head and data driven, it’s about leading with your heart, with your head to support you. It’s about listening to your soul and what she has to say, because she always knows best. It’s about balancing our feminine (creativity/intuition) and masculine (strategy/action) and sharing our message in the world.

It’s about learning to trust ourselves.

Full article available in the March/April 2021 issue.


Michelle is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY. 

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