Manifesting & Macbooks

Manifesting story for you, ...

The other week I was thinking that it would be great to get a new Mac for myself and gift my current one to my youngest so he can learn all the design programmes that we use for the magazine and so he can create music like he used to and learn how to edit video.

My next thought was, it would be great to put it on credit so I can pay it off slowly. The very next day I received notification from my credit card company that they were doubling my credit limit. (For no reason and without my request.)

So I immediately freaked out and thought WOW! I can get my computer now. But then I hesitated and delayed and thought that perhaps it was better to leave the new credit unused and available 'in case of emergency.'

So I waited and waited...

Meanwhile I started thinking that I was kicking a gift horse in the mouth a bit on this one. I asked. I received. And now I wasn't doing anything with it. Not good juju, if you ask me. So yesterday I finally bought the computer. Yay!

And today, you will not believe. In my account was an unexpected deposit from the tax agency that more than covers the cost of the computer. I'm telling you, it feels a bit like magic, but I know why it's all happening.

A few months ago I finally let go of trying to control the flow of money. I relaxed. Trusted. Allowed money to move. And since then, the abundance has been surrounding me.

I am reminded of a few articles from our MONEY special that validate what happened to me. Specifically Harriette Jackson's article, The Pursuit of Money; Victoria Maskell's article, The Science of Getting Rich for the Modern Womxn; and Suzy Ashworth's article on her manifestation method for her biggest month of business.

And just a year ago I was telling a coach of mine that I had no idea how to manifest anything and I'd never done it before.

I'm in awe... as I write this from my new Mac.


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