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Manage Your Energy & Keep It In Balance with These 5 Top Tips

Written by: Sarah Joanne Ashurst

I love being an entrepreneur. Being the director of my own life and business has so many rewards.

In running our businesses we have to wear many hats and juggle a lot of things, which means it can be hard to manage our energy and keep it in balance.

If you're anything like me, some days you can have so much work to do it can be easy to get up,

quickly wash, and be straight at the computer. You then work like a train until the hunger pangs start nagging.

As entrepreneurs we often forfeit our own needs, losing our energy in the process. Most of us don’t even give our energy a second thought until it's dipped so much that we notice how tired we are or we start to feel under the weather.

But with a few simple steps you can learn to keep it in balance and along the way you’ll find yourself more productive too.

I’ve learnt a lot about managing my energy over the last 12 years on my path as an energy healer, so I’m sharing my top 5 tips for keeping your energy in balance whilst on your

entrepreneurial path.

1. Intention is everything

Have you ever noticed that the days you get up late, maybe trip over your hairdryer wire,

rush around in the morning without giving a thought to how you want the day to go, just

don’t seem to go as well as the days that you get up earlier, take your time, and set your


Most of us know this but the reality is we don’t take the time and set our intention for the

day ahead. Intention is literally everything with our energy, and where attention goes,

energy flows. So it is really important we are intentional about the day ahead. For me, I like

to sit and meditate, or take a walk and set three intentions for the day ahead. Then for each

client session I have, I also set the intention that it goes well and that I’m guided to give them

what they need.

Intention setting can be just simply thinking about the intention for your day whilst you

make your morning coffee, or saying your intentions whilst in the shower, or writing them

out in your planner. It can be incorporated easily into your morning routine and once you

are intentional about the day ahead, notice what happens. There is something magical about

intention setting and seeing our intentions unfold.

2. Ground your energy

Once you’ve set your intention it's important to ground this in and ground your energy.

Stress and anxiousness in our energy often occurs when we are ungrounded and all our

energy is in our head and in our thoughts. So taking the time in the morning before work to

ground our energy can help us feel more in balance and calm.

There are 3 simple ways you can do this:

● Take a morning walk, preferably in nature but around your neighbourhood will do too.

● Stand outside with bare feet, ideally on grass but concrete works too, and just take a

few moments to breathe and feel the connection of your feet on the earth.

● Visualise a grounding. You can do this by closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths,

letting go of your thoughts with each out breath. Then imagine your energy being pulled

from your hips down to your feet and the energy going down into the earth like the

roots of tree. See them working their way deep into the earth and then see them

wrapping around the heart of Mother Earth and connecting with her. Notice how

grounding and calm it feels to be connected with the earth. Take a few moments to feel

that and then when you are ready open your eyes and go about your day.

3. Take regular breaks and check in on your energy

I know that you know you should take regular breaks, but this can be one of the easiest

things to ignore. Yet if you do take those regular breaks you’ll be more productive and your energy will stay at its optimum.

Scientists in a study at Florida State University found elite performers, such as musicians, chess players, and athletes who worked in stints of no more than 90 mins were found to be more productive than those who didn’t. In many UK corporate companies they recommend that employees should take a 5 minute break every 1 hour and move away from their desks and do something different. This is directly linked to energy because when your energy is in balance you will naturally be more productive.

Taking regular breaks and noticing your energy levels throughout the day can give you real insight to what works well for you. If you check in on your energy levels on your breaks and it's feeling a little low then do something to move through it and re-energise. That might be taking one minute to focus on your breathing, maybe dance and listen to an uplifting song, eat a piece of fruit and read, or listen to something positive. Whatever makes you feel refreshed, do that throughout the day.

Regularly check-in on your energy and know your limits. Personally I know I can’t do an

angel reading for more than 4 people in one work block. That’s my optimum to be in a good energy state beforehand too. Regular check-ins and noting it down can really help you understand your patterns.

4. Notice the radiators and the drainers in your business

Have you ever noticed that you always feel better after speaking with and spending time with certain people; you come away feeling really great and positive? These are the radiators in your life. Their energy seems to affect yours in a positive way. Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum - the people who seem to drain your energy. After spending time or speaking with them your energy has dipped, or, sometimes, they seem really positive after spending time with you and you feel flat and empty. These are the drainers.

Life is full of radiators and drainers. It’s important to notice who they are in your life and once you do, try to spend less time with the drainers and more with the radiators, and if you cannot change the amount of time, be sure to manage your own energy before, during, and after.

For those of us who are coaches, therapists, and healers our clients will often naturally be drainers as we support them through their healing process. The trick to managing our energy through this is to do something uplifting before beginning sessions each day, in between, and then after to shift and revitalise our energy.

5. Use the magic bubble

This is a great thing to use and stops you feeling drained or affected by other people’s

energy. It's simple and effective and literally puts a white energy shield around you. It’s

something I was taught at the start of my path learning about energy and its something I use

to this day. Whenever you're feeling your energy drain just imagine yourself surrounded in a

magical bubble of light with a protective shield around it. Your light is still able to shine out

to others but nothing can affect the light inside your bubble. In my corporate days, I used to use

it in the middle of meetings all the time and it used to work a treat. So try it and use it as

your new super power and watch your energy stay more in balance throughout your day.


Originally published in Issue 2 · April/May 2021 issue of SOULACY.

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