Just Be Yourself: Why that isn't as simple as it sounds

Written by Hannah Flores

When it comes to marketing and growing our businesses, I’m all about putting our authentic selves out into the world.

Showing up as our true selves online really is the best way to build genuine connections BUT sometimes being told to ‘just be yourself’ doesn’t actually feel like straight forward advice.

Why? Because there are many factors that come into play when it comes to getting visible and being seen as an expert in our business. Often we can feel comfortable with who we are and what our personal brand stands for when chatting with someone in person but take that same conversation online and everything changes. We can start to question ourselves and wonder, how do I even talk? What should I say? What does my business even stand for?

Getting visible and showing up as our authentic selves online generally takes a combination of strategy + know how + mindset. And the mindset is a really important factor here.

So, here are my top tips for how to stop the questioning, overthinking, and self doubt and start showing up as yourself online in a relaxed, true-to-you way.

1. Listen to your gut instinct

When it comes to marketing your business, learning how to tune into my gut instinct has been the biggest game changer for me since launching my business. there are ALL sorts of experts (and non experts!!) out there telling you what you should be doing. Yet how on earth are we meant to know who to listen to?! Not all advice is created equal and this is why we need to get good at honing in to what feels right for us.

2. Think about the language you use

We all have a certain tone and style of speaking in real life so tap into that and think about how you show up speaking as yourself about your work. For me, I really don’t like using jargon. I’ve worked in digital for over 13 years so I CAN use it but that’s not how I speak and it makes me feel ‘ick’. I prefer to speak in plain English and I like to make digital marketing really simple and accessible. I feel far more comfortable speaking in this way and I also find it attracts my DREAM clients, so I own this about myself. I’m also a bit sweary, so again, I own it because I can and it works for my business. Once you know how you actually speak and what does and doesn’t feel comfortable for you, it will help you to get really clear on your messaging.

3. Tune in to your WHY

Spend some time journaling about why you do what you do, who you help, and why that gets you fired up. Tap into this when you are writing, speaking on camera or podcasting, and just focus on that. Don’t worry about what you feel you ‘should’ be saying or what anyone else is doing. Just channel the soul passion, meaning, and purpose behind your business. Trust me, it will keep you super focused.

4. Think about what pisses you off about your industry!

I love this exercise as it’s a great way to position yourself within your niche and get even more clear on your purpose.

So, open up and let people know what drives you mad about your industry (I could rant all day about the “get 100K followers’ false promises) and be vocal about it. You don’t need to name any names or call anyone out in particular but just talk about what you don’t agree with and why you are different.

5. Embrace your imperfections

I know that for a lot of my clients, this can be one of the most challenging things to do when it comes to getting visible and showing us as an expert online.

I have a whole module dedicated to what I call ‘The POWER OF YOU’ in my membership for a reason. Because we need reminding that actually, our uniqueness is what makes us special.

So, the next time you’re told to “just be yourself” you’ll know how to approach that and avoid the doubts, comparisonitis, and questions. You’ll KNOW exactly who you are and you’ll be comfortable being yourself whether in person or online.

Full article available in the March/April 2021 issue.


Michelle is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY. 

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