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Is Your Self-Talk Helping or Hindering?

Many of us have been “doing the work” for months or years now. So long that we pretty much have a handle on it all. We know a lot about how to coach ourselves. We listen to and incorporate what our therapists have said. And even though we often “know” what is going on in our minds and why—and can see the results of it all, it is incredibly easy to let it start to run on auto-pilot. Again…

So when we’re focusing our attention to manifesting, we know what to do. In theory, at least. But what often gets overlooked is our self-talk. And that is a problem because it is the foundational piece that supports all manifestations.

How do you talk to yourself? Are you kind and supportive or are you a bully?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Energy flows where attention goes.” It is after all the foundation of the Law of Attraction (psst… manifestation) and something that we can wrap our heads around. When it comes to self-talk, the energy flowing where attention is going means that how you talk to yourself will dictate what you’re attracting. This can be good and helpful and attract all kinds of lovely things or not any of it. Your self-talk is either going to help you or hinder you. 

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Gigi Bier is a Money Mindset Coach and Profit First Strategist who helps entrepreneurs do better in business in life by creating money systems and developing a mindset that supports their vision and mission. You can connect with Gigi on Instagram and Tiktok @gigibier



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