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Is a magazine a neccesity?

It can be and we think ours is. Here's why...

We're in a recession. That is a fact. And a lot of the financial advice that is going around right now is to take a look at the monies coming and going and pair down on things that aren't necessities. Even our very own MONEY featured writer and Legacy Sponsor of MONEY, Meg K. Wheeler gave that advice (๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡) in her article, "Money Moves to Make When the World is on Fire"

And here's the thing. Sure a magazine may seem like an 'extra' at a time when you're looking at everything you're spending money on in your life and business. But we think that SOULACY is an investment. It's an investment in your business, just like coaching, mentoring, masterminds, group programmes, memberships, and courses. Because the information that's inside each and every issue of SOULACY is all of that rolled into one gorgeous package. Plus, it's a great opportunity each month to slow down, have a good think, write a bit, and just revel in the adventure that is entrepreneurship. Which is why we're offering a very special opportunity for you to invest in yourself and your business right now by getting an annual subscription to SOULACY. Right now, all new annual subscriptions to SOULACY will receive our MONEY special for free. This is AMAZING. Our MONEY special juuuuuust came out the end of July and it's incredibly popular, so the fact that you can get it as a free bonus is truly amazing.

The annual subscription to SOULACY is $88. That price gives you one full year of all regular issues of SOULACY + the current issue (June 2022, value $8) + with this limited offer, MONEY (value $22) as a special free bonus. And both the current issue and MONEY are available for you to enjoy immediately. So gift yourself (and your biz besties and mastermind friends) a year of inspiration, insights, wellness, advice and tips, words of wisdom, stories that change you, and a reason to slow down and treat yourself each month - all brought to you by women entrepreneurs - like yourself - from around the world who share their expertise and lived experiences with all of us.

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SOULACY is a digital and print magazine for entrepreneurs. We are the home of women-led entrepreneurship. Each month we bring you articles, stories, inspiration, and tips/advice on wealth, mindset, growth, alignment, strategy, social justice and more to help you make the most of your entrepreneur journey.

Monthly regular issues + special issues each quarter. Subscribe today. Monthly subscriptions start at $8/month. This offer to receive MONEY free comes with any new annual subscription. Annual subscriptions are $88.

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