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How to slow down your marketing in a fast-paced world

My first ever business was a boutique marketing agency. I started it when my youngest son was less than a year old, so 15ish years ago. It was a business that I sort of just rolled into from my corporate career, as many of us do. It was an interesting time to be in marketing. Social media was still rather new'ish. Website design was rapidly changing. And how we communicated in business was evolving.

We were in a time when there were a lot of possibilities. A lot of trial and error. And it was also a time of painful transition from a and old-school stiff paradigm of business to one that was fun and funky and a bit 'out there.'

I think we're in another one of those times, though this one feels a bit less painful and rather a bit more of a welcome change. Collectively we're all looking for a more intuitive, natural, simple way of doing and being. And not just for ourselves, but for our businesses.

Whereas marketing, when I started in the field, was a lot of pressure to persuade, a lot of going going going, and a lot of false narratives intended to display something that you might not have been able to back-up with your business practices or products, now marketing requires you to be a lot more honest, open, and authentic. To be a thought-leader and you have to deepen the know/like/trust factor before people want to do business with you.

Which can be really hard in such a performative marketing environment like social media where keeping up with the others in your field feels intense, and working within the algorithm feels daunting, and it all just feels a bit frenetic at best and chaotic and pointless at worst.

And this can be jarring. We're at a stage in our lives and in the world when we're yearning for connection and community. We want it for ourselves, we want it for our customer and clients, and they too want it for themselves, as well.

So how do you align your personal and professional desire to create connection and be more authentic in a world that rewards fitting into an algorithm and performative actions?

I believe the answer lies in slowing down, looking at things a bit differently, and taking a few steps back. There is certainly a place for being active and engaged on the social media platforms, and there is certainly a place for in-the-moment marketing that is possible on the socials, but there is an ever-growing need to sit down with something and slowly absorb it and have it available on-hand when you're ready to go back to it.

That is why we decided that now was the right time to offer the Advertising Flash Sale event. What better time is there than now to lock-in 15 months of promotions and advertising for everything you've got going on and will have going on in your business over the next year?

For the next 15 months, you can create a beautiful advert to place inside the pages of SOULACY and also send us your posts and pins for us to share with our audience and readers. So not only do you get the benefit of being on-hand, slowly read and looked at without distractions by being in our magazine, you also get the added benefit of connecting more immediately with our social media communities and audiences.

We're offering this to you because we believe in the benefits of this for you and your business. The flash sale ends today and we only have a few spaces available, so if you're ready to expand your marketing into something so old it's new again like advertising in publications, now really is the absolute best time for you to do so.

And it's simple. Click the button below. Choose whether you want 1/4 page or full page adverts, whether you want digital-only or to be in the print editions, as well, reserve your space for the next 15 months by completing the payment, and then take a few weeks to create your first advert and get everything together to get started.

I hope you'll join us by becoming a Legacy Advertiser with SOULACY for the next 15 months. We'll create beautiful things together. And if you have questions, please feel free to comment. You'll hear from me directly. Or if you're on the socials, reach out to me directly on FB, IG, or LinkedIn. We're at @soulacymagazine on IG and my name on the other platforms. Today is the last day, so if I can help by answering questions, I am here.



Here's what you actually get by becoming a Legacy Advertiser during the Flash Sale event that ends today.

1) You get your customisable advert inside 13 issues of SOULACY - in the digital versions or in the print and digital versions, your choice

2) You get 15 months of social media and Pinterest promotions on the SOULACY channels - that means that even when we don't have an issue going out, we're still promoting you.

3) You get a digital annual SOULACY+ subscription (a $118 value)

4) You get included in our 2023 SOULACY Gift Guide

5) You get special mentions at the back of each issue of SOULACY, so not only is your advert placed inside the pages of SOULACY, you'll be featured at the back of the magazine as Legacy Advertisers

6) You get to customise and update your advert and promotion materials with us each and every month, so with everything that you have going on in your business over the next year, you can actively promote it with SOULACY

7) You'll receive the 2023 Media Kit which outlines all the special editions, issue themes, and dates for deadline of your adverts and release dates for the issues so you know exactly how to match what you're promoting with what's inside the issues and when to get it all together. No last-minute rush or off-the-cuff marketing here

8) And most of all, you'll be in partnership with SOULACY in helping you grow your business because we truly do believe that we all rise together, so want to see you rise.

You get all of this starting at $399.

So, become one of the lucky few who get to be a Legacy Advertiser with SOULACY for the next 15 months. Let us help you increase your leads and revenue, grow your reach and audience, and deepen your know/like/trust factor over the next year.


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