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How exquisite boundaries make magic happen

Written by Annemiek van Helsdingen in this week's SOULACY Spotlight Takeover

Boundaries are not just life saving and needed for personal and professional contexts. They come with unexpected side-effects..


It’s probably the topic I struggled most with as I was growing up.

I was born a helper and empath in a capitalist extraction culture without having a clue of what was mine and what wasn’t (energetically speaking). I just wanted to help in response to what I was feeling.

Sure, I learned all sorts of tools and techniques in my coach training 25 yrs ago, and during my high-level corporate consultancy work, and the 2-yr energy healing course I did way back. Looking back, it made me ‘(sort of) sufficient’ at boundaries.

But it was two things that eventually came together and helped me understand boundaries at a much deeper level, and that unlocked a whole new dimension:

One was my Priestessing training and experience.

The other was a miracle-like toolset I came across in my corporate work.

(Together they have become Soul-based Coaching, a modality that I teach with my team in our worldwide community. Solid and grounded structure that allows for the mystery to step forward and lead transformation for clients.)

So, what can boundaries do?

Yes, they are key in thriving relationships with yourself and others.

Yes, they are key in protecting what’s left of your sanity after 2-yrs of pandemic living.

And they are life saving in this world of ongoing attacks on the nervous system of all kinds.

And if you are trained as a coach, therapist or healer, you know that they are essential in your professional toolkit:

They help you manage yourself, your role and your client process.

They help you decide where and when the work needs to happen for your clients.

But this is where it becomes really interesting…

If you do rituals or ever held women’s circles, you have probably experienced that the potency of the field that you can invoke, is greatly defined by the quality of the boundaries that you put in place.

The quality of your boundaries literally define what becomes possible in the space:

How much of the divine is experienced.

The depth of healing and transformation that can take place.

And this is not just true in ritual. It is also true in your client work. Exquisite boundaries make magic possible.

For real.

If you’d love to consistently add more of that deep magic and transformation to your sessions, and learn some very practical skills to do so, come and join me for our *free* Masterclass on Boundary Magic in Coaching.

We’d love to welcome you in this powerful container to fine-tune your boundary work.

Much love,



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