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Harnessing Money and Power for Change

Harnessing Money and Power for Change by Harriette Jackson for SOULACY Magazine

Money. Power. Women.

The times we face are hard. Uncertain. Terrifying. Women’s rights are being abolished in front of our very eyes. Human rights are being destroyed. Human LIVES are being taken with reckless abandon. As we watch it unfold from behind our smart phones, many of us feel utterly helpless, numb, and powerless to do anything about it.

And it is at this very moment, my dear SOULACY reader, that not only you do you fail yourself, you fail all of humanity, too. Our collective commitment to powerlessness becomes an energetic match for further experiences of powerlessness. It’s a vicious cycle that only we can stop.

The antidote to powerlessness: MONEY.

Let’s talk.

There’s very little that money can’t resolve. Everyone knows it but not as many will admit it, for it’s easier to say money causes more problems than it solves, that rich people are greedy, that large amounts of money aren’t worth it, not worth the stress, the taxes, the confusion, the responsibility, or the fear that is assumed comes with large wealth. The more you have the more you can lose, right?


You see, money is just like power. It’s limitless. The more it grows the more powerful it is. The more of it that comes together in one place, the more impact and reach it can have. Money, like power, is an energy. Both are neutral, both can be used for “good” or “bad”, which explains without explanation how so many have come to believe power and money are bad, because those who have been using it, haven’t used it well. 

As women, we haven’t played much in the arenas of power and money. A few have, but not enough of us. Not even CLOSE to enough of us. Are you playing in the arena of big power, vast wealth, and huge impact?

Why not?

Because you can’t? Because you don’t believe it’s possible for you? Because you don’t know where to start? Because the mission just seems far too overwhelming so it’s easier to hide behind the busy fool archetype doing all the things you don’t need to do every day in your business? If that stings, it’s supposed to. Know what stings more? The world we leave behind for our kids when we do sweet FA to change it for them.

If there’s one thing I’m more passionate about than large amounts of money in female owned businesses, it’s large amounts of PROFIT in female owned businesses. Profits that can make a difference. Profits that can fund charities, foundations, change-making, cause-led, Soul-inspired visions by those people put on the planet to pursue the radical change needed. I’m not asking you, fellow SOULACY reader, to take on the responsibility of creating a better world for our children. I’m asking you to fund it. Trust me, funding it is way easier than visioning it, and actioning it. What I’m asking you is not hard. What I’m asking, just so we’re clear, is to make a fuck ton of money, with serious entrepreneurial smarts so your profit margins are huge. From that you can take what you desire for you and your deliciously abundant life, and put the rest into causes that will change this world. This is not hard. Actually when you break it down like that, your job is really easy, and there’s no reason for you to not be doing it.

It’s imperative now more than ever that women like us are pursuing huge profit margins like never before, in a way that allows us to control where our money goes, which causes we invest in, which visions we support, and what impact our money gets to make. We can’t rely on our governments, the patriarchal paradigms, or anyone trapped in the narratives of power and money for ill gain. The responsibility has come to us… the female business owners. We are the only ones with the CHOICE to change the world with our money. THAT is our super power. 

But a bit like Eleven in Stranger Things (apologies for the reference if you’re not a fan), our super powers have been banished to the farthest corners of our minds, inaccessible to most of us, and so instead we render ourselves an energetic match for powerlessness. 

Only, there’s magic in that. Read again what I just wrote for you. Our super power is INSIDE of us. It’s not been given away. We haven’t relinquished it for all eternity. The power is not in the hands of our governments, or stolen from us by the patriarchy, we haven’t lost it to copious amounts of antidepressants, abusive lovers, childhood abandonment, money trauma, or any of those other things we’ve all been trying to desperately heal for the last decade or so.

No, the super power is somewhere else entirely. Under the lock and key of hidden knowledge, disguised as an “impossible dream”. You’re aware of it. It resides in your mind, occasionally coming to the forefront in moments of daydream or deep visualisations of your truest desires, only to then disappear as you return to the daily grind of your powerlessness and insignificance.

Fortunately I have a copy key…

There are two types of power. One you’re aware of. One you’re not. 

Soul Power and Reflective Power.

Reflective Power is the one you’re most familiar with. It’s the type of power you feel when things are going “right”, when money is flowing well, when you wake up in a good mood, and it feels like you’re manifesting all the good things, and all the beautiful moments. 

Reflective Power is as delicate as glass. One misaligned move and the whole thing shatters into a million pieces, leaving you feeling powerless. Reflective Power is dependent on external forces working in your favour in order to make you feel powerful. It’s as unreliable and as unpredictable as a dressing room mirror… sometimes your skin looks flawless and your butt looks cute, and sometimes it makes you feel crap, defeated, and deflated. This is the Power most people are dependent on to build their businesses and generate money in their lives. You can see why so many are unsuccessful. 

Soul Power is the power many claim to have but don’t actually have a clue what it is, how to access it, or how to leverage it. Soul Power is the kind of power you feel regardless of what is happening in your inner or outer worlds. Soul Power is the kind of power that makes you invincible even on a bad day. Soul Power is rooted so deep within us, it’s untouched by global events, economic recessions, the projections and opinions of others, and even by our own dramatic and “destabilising” personal events. Soul Power is real power because it’s connected to a greater force than the power we witness in our 3D world. This is the power we want to be using to change the world. Not the power of policy, or law, or lobbying, or revolt. Soul Power can be used inside these contexts but it’s not dependent on these contexts in order to be powerful.

Soul Power can be accessed when we allow ourselves to be moved by what moves us. When we give ourselves permission to stand up and speak, and shout, and scream about what we advocate for, about what we desire, and about what we need. When we tap into the thing that moves us and we give ourselves permission to run toward that thing rather than run away from it, we tap into Soul Power. When we act fully from a heart explosion, even if we simultaneously overflow with fear and faith, all at the same time, we tap into Soul Power. When we choose to believe with all of our being the thing that draws a tear because the vision is so powerful, we tap into Soul Power. When we dare to fly in the face of our conditioning, the norms, and the status quo, we tap into Soul Power.

You’re not powerless, you’re penniless. Penniless to do anything about the things that move you. Because those things require millions right?! And who are ‘little old you’ to make millions?

In a state of Reflective Power, you’re no one. But in a state of Soul Power… you’re everyone. You’re everything. You’re every DREAM.

Making shit tons of money in order to change the world is not hard, but it does require an unravelling of what you believe to be true about money, power, and impossible dreams. It requires you to move, practically blindly, in the direction of things that move you, often not knowing if that’s actually the thing that moves you, or not. The making-the-money bit is comparatively easy to the whole undoing-your-beliefs, learning-and-embodying-new-ideas-around-power, and implementing-a-whole-new-way-of-being -and-building-as-a-woman-in-business bit! To be fair that’s more than just a bit. 

My advice? Get a mentor. There are increasing numbers of women on our planet who are doing exactly what I describe. Breaking the norms of what is considered possible for a woman in business, for online sales, and creating vast wealth in order to assist in the movement towards actual change on our planet. Find someone you vibe with, who speaks your language, who has acquired the wealth, knowledge, and embodiment you desire for yourself, and go re-learn what you need to re-learn. Never underestimate the power of proximity, of knowledge, and of long-term mentorship. As human beings we learn very well by modelling. You only need to look at your own child to know that. Go be a child again… but this time own your Soul Power the whole way through the education process. Educate yourself to the new world, not the one they wanted to keep you trapped in… because in that world… we’re in danger, and so are our children. 

Do something about it. MOVE.

(And if you can, get yourself someone who understands how to increase profit margins whilst minimising tax. The more liquid cash you have, the more impact you can make. And the stronger your profit margins, the more credit you can leverage to limitless ends. My genius in this area is limited to the UK although many ideas lend themselves well to overseas business law. An accountant is not your best friend until they have shown you vast skill in this area… so get yourself a new BFF!)

Ladies, we have work to do!

My love always

Harriette x


TLDR: The article emphasizes the crucial role of money and power in driving positive change, especially for women in business. It argues that by embracing our financial power and leveraging profits for impactful causes, women can contribute significantly to societal transformation.


Harriette Jackson is a serial entrepreneur, high priestess, and millionaire earth mama. She serves a global clientele of the top 1% of industry leaders and trailblazers.



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