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{Note from the Editor} Foggy Mornings and Something Lovely to Read

There is little I love more than waking to a foggy morning. Well... the thing I love more than that is when the fog sticks around for a bit. There was a period of time when we lived amongst the Redwoods in Northern California. The property was large and had open spaces, an apple orchard, and of course, the gorgeous trees. It was up on a mountain not far from the coast and nearly everyday there was fog that would hover until well into mid-morning. There was a hush that would accompany the fog. It made mornings feel so personal, so intimate, so intentional. I never felt like I had to rush into my mornings there. There was just me (+ my three sons), my cuppa, and the fog.

And this morning I awoke to fog and it brought the biggest smile to my face. We don't often get fog where we're at now. When it is here, it is rather fleeting. But today... today it is lingering and I am in pure bliss. I'm sat in my office writing you this wee message, with my cuppa and a perfectly quiet house (neeeeevvvveeeerrrr happens), and the fog floating through the trees. It feels like the perfect morning to dive into reading something lovely and snuggle and just enjoy the slowness of a foggy almost-autumn day, and it felt like something I wanted to share with you

But since we can't share a physical space and most likely aren't experiencing the same weather, I did want to share something lovely to read so at least we can share something in common today or through the weekend.

So, on this peaceful foggy morning, I am sharing with you our first ever issue of SOULACY to sit with this weekend, hopefully with a cuppa and a wee snuggle, to enjoy. I've just had a look through the issue and it still holds up. You'll see a few things that we've since removed from the issues and you'll see some familiar faces who still write for us. You'll also read some wonderful articles and stories. Keep in mind that this released on the spring equinox 2021 so the theme doesn't match the current season, but take from the issue what you will. And don't worry, our September issue coming out next week will be perfectly timed for the shift into autumn - which will hopefully bring me many more foggy mornings.

So, darling one, enjoy this free foggy Friday first issue. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


The foggy photo above is not my exact view. Remove a few trees and the illusion of a mountainside behind them, and you've got my view. This photo was taken by Eberhard Grossgasteiger and snagged from Pexels. I attempted to take a photo of my view but seems my upstairs windows are rather dirtier than appears to the naked eye, so we'll have to make do with this one from Eberhard to help us create the scene.


Michelle Ireland is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY

SOULACY is a monthly digital and print magazine for entrepreneurs. In each issue we bring entrepreneurs articles, stories, and inspiration to spark insights on generating more wealth, personal and business growth, aligned strategies, equity and diversity, entrepreneur wellness and mindset, leadership, creating a legacy, and more, written by a global network of women entrepreneurs.

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