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Find What Comes Easily to You and Then Make Millions with It - A how-to with Merel Kriegsman

I don't think a day has gone by since first reading the articles of the SOULACY annual MONEY special that I haven't thought of and/or recommended an article from the issue.

Today it was Merel Kriegsman's article that came to mind when one of our community members was perfectly illustrating the topic of Merel's article, which is, find what is easy for you - and subsequently often overlooked - and making millions with it.

The MONEY special has been such a wonderful gift in my life. It changed me in profound ways from how I view my world, to how I think about money and approach my money beliefs, to thinking practically about how to structure the financials in my life and business especially considering the global financial environment, to feeling fired up about what we can do as women with money, and how to love ourselves and money just a little bit more each day, plus simply knowing that this many women are in the world talking about wealth and money makes me feel amazing. Our MONEY special really feels like having a pocket coach that I can turn to whenever something comes up and I need a loving reminder.


Here is the full article text from our MONEY special:

This radical shift in perception will make

you feel deeply worthy of millions

We all tend to undervalue what comes to us most easily. And yet, what comes to us most easily is often our most valuable work. And because of that? The closer we move towards our zone of genius, the more we tend to discount our work.

Let's change this, please, for the sake of all of us. I think everyone who's been in business for a while has had this experience:

You make a suggestion… "Oh, just a quick suggestion…". "A little insight I have for you…."

"I had something come through for you…" … and then your client has the breakthrough of a lifetime. All the while you might've been counting the amount of calls they got inside of their package, and wondered if it was enough, and if you were enough.

Here's the invitation:

Let go of resentment (if you have any). Let go of regret (if you have any). And embrace that these are the moments that give you CRYSTAL CLEAR clarity about what people poised for transformation would be willing to pay high-ticket prices for!

Back in the day I worked as a conversion copywriter for influencer entrepreneurs. And after the third client having a pretty much effortless, million dollar launch because of me tipping them off, creating a program title and tagline, and helping them sell it out, I knew that was my invitation to call myself a Business Mentor, and to boldly (sometimes shakily) step into premium pricing. I could've been resentful towards what they should've paid me in hindsight, but I decided to powerfully claim my genius instead.

Overnight I went from writing lengthy launch email sequences, long form sales pages and other big assets, to giving people ideas, core concepts, and the guts to believe in themselves. My genius was right there the entire time I just didn’t recognize it. And your genius is timeless. As in, it's beyond space and time. It can't be measured in deliverables. It can't be measured in time spent with you. It can't be measured in the amount of access people get to you. AND it comes to you easily.

Which is why it's so terrifying but so **RIGHT** to charge a premium for it. It starts with a profound claiming of not just your gifts, but your desire to have it be easy.

Your off-the-cuff suggestions are worth millions. Your downloads you didn't have to work for are worth millions. Your on the fly insights are worth millions. Not to all people. But to the right people.

And quite frankly, that's where I always start:

What comes to me most easily, and to whom is that worth millions?

Ask that of yourself. Your intuition will guide you to the answer.



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Michelle Ireland is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of SOULACY.

Connect with her directly anywhere at @soulacymagazine or on LinkedIn.

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