Comfort Zones & Souls

The never ending discussion about our comfort zones. About the need to step out of our comfort zone, how we need to push the boundaries of our comfort zone, how all the success and magic happens on the other side of our comfort zone.

Grrr... To be perfectly honest, I'm tired of hearing about it.

The thing about comfort zones is that simply by the name it feels like a place we want to be, right? Comforting. Safe. Pleasant. Yet, the conversation is always, ALWAYS, about leaving behind this lovely wee space we have in our lives and move toward the unknown. Our comfort zones are positioned as places that don't allow for growth and expansion. Our supposed comfort zone is turned into this funky, nasty little limiting place to be that we must leave as often and as quickly as possible. We're meant to scoff in the face of our 'comfort zones' and perilously go out into the vast wilderness and trust that the success, growth, expansion, fulfilment, and magic will be patiently waiting for us outside the confines of our zone. The problem with this definition and perspective of our comfort zones, along with the requirement that we leave it all behind, is that it doesn't sound terribly appealing - even considering the pot of gold waiting to be discovered. So, I propose an alternative to this conversation, perspective, and approach. Rather than stepping OUT of OUR comfort zone we thought of it as stepping INTO our SOUL'S comfort zone. Less of a departure and more of a coming home. When we can think of it all not as leaving behind somewhere comfy and cosy and venturing out to a scary new place and more as heading back to a place that we've inwardly known our whole lives but haven't visited often, it takes the pressure off and makes it seem more like an adventure - a lovely day trip to the lakes, if you will. When I visualise stepping into my soul's comfort zone it feels exhilarating. A bit like a deep breath of crisp air in a gorgeous meadow. Yet when I visualise stepping out of my comfort zone it feels a bit treacherous. Same breath of crisp air except this time I'm standing at the edge of a cliff. Makes for a better starting off point, yes? Standing firmly in a meadow where you can see far and wide, versus cliff diving and having no idea where, or how hard, the landing will be. With this reframe stepping out of my comfort zone is a lot more pleasant, and actually something to look forward to. With this reframe, I can connect more intimately with my soul and spend time in my soul's comfort zone, which is inherently more comfy and cosy than my own. What's been your relationship with your comfort zone? What comes to mind when people talk about stepping out of your comfort zone? And does it help to reframe it all as not a 'stepping out' but a 'stepping into?' XxM Further thoughts: With this reframe we could identify 'our' comfort zone as our 'ego's' comfort zone therefore taking the personal identification factor out of the perspective and making it easier to compartmentalise, leave behind, and step toward our soul's comfort zone.

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