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Building a Better Relationship with Your Business

Written by Dawn Gatward

If I was to tell you that you were in a relationship with your business, what would your first impression be?

You might be confused, or laugh out loud. Or you might immediately understand where I’m coming from and suddenly have a lot of light bulbs going off.

If you think about it, your business doesn’t exist for you. It exists to serve your audience. So therefore it has its own unique blueprint, and should be viewed as separate from you. It’s an extension of you, for sure - but it is NOT you.

And while there may be a lot of natural crossovers, it’s important to begin to understand the two separate dynamics that exist. And to start treating your business as if you were in a relationship with it… like a partner, for instance.

So when you work together WITH your business, as a partnership, then both your combined energies can be used for the greater good - giving deeper transformation to your audience and making a bigger impact on the world.

And just like any fulfilling relationship in your life (whether it’s with a lover or a bestie) there needs to be several key elements present - communication, support, healthy boundaries, and respect. All these elements help build a strong relationship that thrives.

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Excerpt from Building a Better Relationship with your Business by Dawn Gatward inside Issue 13 · RELATE Special Edition · April 2022

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