Blank Pages & Trust

There’s a moment at the start of each new issue that feels incredibly overwhelming. I look at the mostly blank pages or the pages with the text placed but not laid out and I cringe inside a bit. I look at these pages and wonder how the hell we’re ever going to pull this together again. It all just looks and feels so stark.

And while this issue (September/October) felt like a beautiful homecoming after being away on holiday and the summer break to have the MONEY special release, it was also a bit more difficult to get back into the routine and work of it all - and that felt daunting.

There were entire days that I avoided this issue like the plague. I went and hid away in my comfy spaces and binge-watched way too much Netflix and then moaned to my squad about how guilty I felt. Then last night I was sat down after having put in a long and fulfilling day and reminded myself that it always gets done - it always comes together. Regardless of how many days away that I hide or how overwhelming and blank it starts out, the issues always come together beautifully and magically and make me feel so amazing.

And knowing this, and being reminded of this regularly makes it all the easier to let go, release, allow things to flow, and not give myself such a hard time when I need a duvet day.

This issue brings those reminders home. This is the season for releasing, for letting go of what doesn’t serve or isn’t needed or helpful anymore. It’s the season for stepping out from the shadows, claiming who you are, standing in the light, and basking in the crisp autumn air.

The articles in this issue are at once empowering and inspirational. They’re helpful and insightful. And most of all, they are sharing the journey of release and embodiment.

Sending lots of love this season as you let go of the old, heavy, and outdated things in your life and business that are holding you back and step into your own light and shine.

(This Editor's Note is from our September/October 2021 issue of SOULACY. To buy this issue, head here. )

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