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Balancing Your Root Chakra to Supercharge the Potency of This Month’s Super Full Moon

Written by: Jo Hall - May 2021

This month we experience the second of three super full moons in a row, a trifecta, which is super powerful and incredibly exciting. It is packed with unbelievable possibilities.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a soul-searching adventure over the last year or so. Searching my soul for a pathway forward that makes my heart sing, my soul smile, and my spirit dance. It seems a recurring theme for many in my world. And this super full moon is perfect for releasing anything that holds you back in order to step into your soul’s truth.

So where are you right now? And where do you want to be?

These are two questions I am repeatedly asking myself and journaling on to check-in and stay in soul alignment.

This month’s super full moon in Sagittarius asks us the exact same. It’s also going to shine a very bright light on what isn’t working for you, on what needs to be let go of, and unlock the freedom you’ve been craving. This moon is a powerful truth seeker, a change-maker and you’re not going to be able to hide from it! Nor are you going to want to!

It’s a moon that offers you the chance to pull back the arrow in your bow, to take aim and fire out all those beautiful soul-led intentions and desires knowing that you will be fully supported. It’s a moon that illuminates the possibilities and potential in your life - your pathway forward.

A full moon’s energy can be intense, highly energising, and emotional in normal circumstances. Add it’s closer proximity to the earth this month and it’s vibe is supercharged. With that emotions can run high, deep wounds can be opened, and it can be rather unsettling - as well as hugely exciting.

So how can we navigate this time and come out the other side intact while making the most of the chance to release what’s not serving us + step into our soul’s desires?

It’s all about balance and staying grounded.

It’s time to connect with your root chakra - the element of earth and the home of your spirit.

It’s the place where your safety and security, vitality and prosperity, stability and trust reside. It’s also where your fears and insecurities, limitations, and lack can raise their ugly head when it’s out of balance.

With the Sagittarian full moon calling us to gain a sense of completion and release in order to enjoy our freedom and desires, working with your root (or base) chakra to bring it into balance will allow you to make the most of this special time.

The obvious place to start is by being out in nature. Ground. Walk barefoot in the grass. Feel the earth between your toes. Grounding symbolises standing on your own two feet and stably walking forward in life. It brings us home to Mother Earth and the truth that lies beneath us. The moon is calling you to do this, your root chakra craves this, so get out no matter what the weather.

If you’re feeling stifled or stuck, journal on why, how, and what makes you feel like this to unlock your inner truth and understand where to make changes. Walking with these thoughts in mind is a wonderful alternative to intuitively find the answers and let go of what’s holding you back.

Without a strong, rooted foundation, we can accomplish little else. Intentionally working on your root chakra creates the stability, confidence, and calmness needed not only to navigate the full moon but also bring to life the intentions you set under it. Like the roots of a tree, our root chakra is our energy source, so nourishing yourself and honouring your body’s needs through good food, plenty of water, physical activity, lots of sleep (unless the moon has other ideas for you!), and beautiful physical touch (think hugs and massage) will be especially important.

If fear rears its ugly head at any point during this full moon, or indeed any other time in your life, recognise it is an ally trying to keep you safe. Remember that fear - and it’s close relatives: insecurity, limitation and lack, has similar qualities to faith. Fear is the belief that something awful might happen, while faith is a belief that something good will happen. While the outcomes are different, the causes are the same. Both beliefs govern our behaviour and influence how we feel, so consciously choosing faith over fear is the perfect antidote to the demon lurking in our root chakra.

The characteristics of grounding, nourishment, and security all contribute to the ability to overcome fear and limitations and manifest prosperity and abundance. So work with the beautiful potential of this Sagittarian full moon and supercharge it by taking great care of your root chakra. You’ll then have the magic potion to alchemise the freedom and desires you so wish for.


Originally published in Issue 3 · May/June 2021 issue of SOULACY.

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