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Attracting Swoon-Worthy Clients in 6 Savvy Steps

Written by: Hannah Flores

Whether you’re new to business, transitioning your niche, or need to take another look at the clients that you’re attracting, here are 6 steps to attracting swoon-worthy clients that make showing up in your passion a dream.

1. Get really clear on who they are

This may sound obvious but often people don't know exactly who this person is. You may not be clear on their age, gender, or geographical location, but you can find commonalities without knowing that. Ask yourself these questions: What do my prospective clients and customers really struggle with? How can I help them? How do they feel before they work with me? How do they feel after they work with me?

2. Get really clear on who they are NOT

This is a GAME CHANGER! Think of previous clients you’ve worked with who you didn’t mesh with. Who were they? Why didn't it work? Have you gotten a strong feeling that you didn’t want to work with someone? Can you pinpoint why? Don’t overthink this. Just write down what comes to you and really tune into those people who got your Spidey-senses on high alert.

3. Give them a nickname

Whilst it can be helpful to have actual names such as “Hannah’ for the clients we want to attract, I like to have nicknames. For example the ones I want to repel are “the freebie gatherer” and the “won’t do the work’ whilst the ones I want to attract might be “the go getter” “the aligned”. It can be fun to think up your own and get even more clear on who you want to attract (and repel).

4. Have a vision of them

Create a fun version of a persona - a hypothetical version of your swoon-worthy client. You don't have to literally draw the person (although obviously you could do this!) but have a visual representation and look at it everyday. For me, this is just a poster sized piece of paper full of colourful text and squiggles stuck to my office wall.

5. Think about how working with this dream client makes you FEEL

When I think about my dream clients and the ones I already work with, I feel full of energy and passion and am twitching to get started. This is the total opposite to how I felt when I worked with clients who I didnt feel aligned with and drained my energy.

How does working with your dreamy swoon-worthy client make you feel? Write it down regularly and channel this when you are speaking to camera or writing copy.

6. Speak to them - and only them - in your copy and on video

Don't worry about your peers or competitors or anyone else, for that matter. Think ONLY of the people you want to attract. Use their language and be authentic. Don’t worry about appealing to everyone or repelling some of your followers. Speak to your dream client, authentically and from your heart. You’ll light up as a result, and will be a beacon for everyone you want to work with.

So, get researching, dreaming, tapping into the emotions, and then sharing your passion and message and soon you’ll be connecting and working with your swoon-worthy clients.


Originally published in Issue 2 · April/May 2021 issue of SOULACY.

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