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Ask Ebonie: Growing your business the way you want to

Q: Do you think you can…

Grow a business by choosing to believe your business grows in the way you want it to?

There are many people out there who say it’s about choosing your own reality.

So if you choose to believe ‘my business grows by word of mouth’ or whatever you decide that belief to be, and you religiously stick to that belief, look for the evidence, etc., does that become reality?

If you’d rather be out there living your life, doing things you love, rather than spending loads of time on social media marketing yourself.

Or do you think that’s a sure fire way to bankruptcy because you have to be visible?

Traditional marketing says you need to build an audience, network in groups, be visible, do podcasts, write blogs, posts, etc etc, which makes sense, people need to know who you are and what you do.

Others say it’s all about your energy, doing the internal work, mastering your thoughts.

If you do this do you have to market at all?


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A: Hi Anon,

Having been self employed in some format or other for 25 years and having run all sorts of different businesses, and worked with all sorts of mentors, coaches, and spiritual teachers, as well as having coached 100’s of different people 1:1 and gotten to know them, their desires, and what blocks them or allows them to reach their desired business growth I can say without hesitation; it depends.

Hear me out. Firstly, business like life is not binary or one size fits all.

It's never about all energy and internal work, OR about all strategy and structure.

It's always about layering your masculine and feminine energies and capacities on top of one another and having them work in synergy to create both a life that you love living day to day, and a vehicle for providing legacy.

The way you get from being a complete startup with no clear business model or offers to stabilising, or scaling are all going to be completely different.

So much depends on how fast you want to grow, what kind of growth you want, whether you have cash behind you, or a team working with you.

More importantly though it depends on your unique blueprint. This is why I work with Numerology, Human Design, Astrology, and Jungian typing, because once we know your design style and authority we know how to keep you in alignment. Without knowing you we can’t know what offers are most aligned or know what style of marketing and client attraction is best for you.

Your language suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by ‘having’ to market, and would like to grow organically by word of mouth. Of course if your clients love your work and recommend it, you will grow. This has been a wonderful strategy for millenia. The only reason for wanting to add in additional marketing is if you are not getting referrals frequently enough. I wonder if you can set up a sweet referral system so that your clients do your marketing for you, and you reward them for it?

If that were happening, would that be enough?

We market for discoverability, but also to nurture our people. If you decide to do very little marketing, how else could you nurture your people so that they feel wowed by you and continue to come back time and again?

If you know your birth information and want to take this further please feel free to reach out and I’ll signpost you towards information more specific to you. This also applies to anyone else reading this, I am happy to share the things to focus on based on your specifics, just send me a DM.


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Ebonie Alchemy is a modern Mystic, a Misfit turned Maven, an Artist, an Author and The Priestess of Alchemy®️ She shares her knowledge through podcasts, books, courses, intimate retreat experiences and 1:1 sessions. You can find out more about her current offers at


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