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Are You at Home in Yourself?

It is easy to lose your way in a world that tries to convince you to

live outside of your own skin, to mistrust your own wisdom, and to

deny your own purpose.

But what if you went home to yourself?

What if you courageously returned home to yourself, armed with

deep-seated truth, soul-nourishing love, and a commitment to live

beyond the narratives imposed on you?

What if you traveled back home to yourself, releasing the historical

lies that were manufactured to spiritually and mentally imprison you?

What if you journeyed back home to your essence, knowing that your

Creator was with you, in you, and ahead of you – leading the way?

What if you stepped back into your divine identity, unencumbered by

traditions, unbothered by cultural norms, unashamed of your past, and

unbossed by oppressive ideologies?

What if you anchored yourself in your own definitions, honored your

own dreams, and believed in your own destiny?

What if?

What I know for sure is that going home to yourself is the place where

you can bask in your own love, enjoy your deepest liberation, and

shine your brightest light.

“Home” is the place and space where you DARE to believe, DARE to try,

and DARE to SOAR despite anything you have been taught and told.

In 2023, go home and enjoy the power, brilliance, and beauty of YOU!

And, if you need support on your journey back home to yourself, it

would be an honor to walk beside you holding up a mirror so you can

see yourself through the lens of love.



SharRon is a life strategist, minister, author, and corporate leader who helps people BE who they were born to be, so they will never settle for what society has told them to be. You can sign-up to receive weekly information at


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